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When Anything Goes…And Usually Does!!

Was there a great reset 500-600 years ago?  A lost history?  Is the Roman Empire all made up?  Were trees a mile high?  Energy grabbed from the ether? 

Prager University scholar says solar and wind energy is the biggest scam.  Can supply only 5-6% of the world’s energy needs.  Could make sense for an individual home though.

What will Trump’s political future be?  Rand Paul talks big, but his actions fall short.

If politically inclined, spend your energy and get involved in your school board and local community.

Watch Gravity to see what fantasy NASA dollars can manufacture.

Hillary Clinton warns against crypto.

More than 70 companies planning to offer cell-cultured meat.  They don’t want us to eat real meat.

Tom asks – what can we do to reduce intensity and length of symptoms when we get sick?  Slather chest with Vick’s VapoRub if any lung involvement.  Release any grief.

Listener liked the Autism clip on ORN.  He concludes they are trying to kill us.

It’s when we react to something that it’s a problem.  Nothing is a problem unless we react to it.

Patrick tells his tamari and fresh tuna story.  If we give energy to something, it’s in the mind.  If it’s in the mind, we hear spirit talking and not some newsman. 

The vaccine passport appears to be something that is real that we will have to deal with.

Martin Armstrong says to have pre-1965 currency silver.  Check out US Coin Capitol via ORN homepage.

Let’s Get Checked has a home test for TSH.  0.1 is optimal according to Dr. Ray Peat.

For many years, it’s been a well-planned effort to control and poison us.

Chronic underutilization of US trucking capacity means 40% is left on the table every day. 

A baby born at 22 weeks at 1.1 lbs is the youngest surviving preemie.  Spent 3 months in a incubator and now home. 

Listener and husband with chronic pain liked Dope Sick movie about OxyContin.

Patrick’s has taken turpentine with sugar 3 days in a row.  Turpentine helps the body get more aligned energetically

by stunning the critters and helping the body figure out how to deal with them. is Dr. Jennifer Daniels’ new website for Vitality Capsules and the Candida Cleanser report.

Benjamin Fulford in Japan writes that the boys are retreating to their bunkers in Geneva, Switzerland and Palo Alto, CA.  The Khazarian mafia have been exposed for the green screen holograms they’re using, and also use of body doubles.  The Asian secret society is trying to provoke a war with Taiwan.  Removal of Klaus Schwab school graduates is imminent.  Lots more in his newsletter.

Bose discovered “invisible waves” generated by electromagnetic interaction before Marconi.

If you have a strong enough mind and body, you can eat anything anytime.  But if you have an inclination something is bad, don’t eat it.

Is government and TPTB so swampy and corrupt that we have to leave and start our own country?

Patrick recommends 

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gives $300 million to the media outlets that are the usual suspects for fake news. 

Tennessee invites unvaccinated officers to join their patrol.

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