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Letting Go of Everything We’ve Been Programmed to Believe

One can see Kaufman’s presentation ORN has been streaming and will continue to stream of a talk Dr. Andew Kaufman gave at the Red Pill Expo and he proves that no one has “proved” there is a virus and he goes into fascinating detail of how “they” came up with the genetic formula for the jab, and it is worse than one can imagine

Patrick challenges listeners to contemplate on just why they think viruses exist as advertised and determine if that “belief” is worth hanging on to.

We’ve all believe in viruses probably for many lifetimes so it is understandable why it is so difficult to just let it go.

Unless one lets’ go of the germ theory forever, there’s always going to be another virus. pandemic, plague…variant around the corner because they control the media and can sell people on whatever they want.

Patrick talks about getting a 30 year fixed loan on ones home or just a loan, as long as it is fixed.  Invest the money, make more than inflation or equal to inflation, which is about 10%….and years from now you will be paying back dollars that are worth so much less than today you’ll be glad you borrowed the money.  30 year fixed are at 2%

The FED is buying Mortgage Backed Securities which is driving banks to loan more money which is driving up home prices, which is causing rents to rise which is putting pressure on middle American’s and it’s all in the plan to destroy this Country.

Remember the Federal Reserve Bank are the globalist we speak of.

The current rant the gays are driving pedophilia in Patrick’s opinion is a lie and meant to take the heat off of the pedo’s who are ‘straight”

Patrick tried going totally high alkaline foods as suggested by Robert O. Young and after 24 hours felt terrible…had some eggs toast and butter…

(acid forming foods) and felt normal in 10 minutes.

Patrick sees in his daily stretching spiritual exercise that at the core tightness in muscles is old thoughts and images, feelings inhibiting flow of chi.

And he saw that God truly is one, so there can’t be two forces opposing one another as it feels tight muscles are.  Just two thoughts chasing each other.

And when we carry forward that The One God, God is One, no separation from anything again it is an easy conjecture to make that it is simply not possible to some part of God attack the other part.  Can’t happen.

Another argument of why virus running around as advertising trying to kill people just can’t happen.  Where did the come from?  Someone’s imagination.

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