Patrick Timpone

Their Job Is to Control Us and Take Our Minds Off the Truth

The power of thinking quiet thoughts.

They do not want us to believe we are soul, have power, do and have what we want, are in love with life, trust God, and are happy.

They try to block and detour us.  It’s been planned a long time.  But it’s not working.  Too many people know.  The Hollywood force and wokeness are dying.

Instead of laying people off, will Netflix eventually recognize they need to change what they’re offering?  How about a good story?

What will happen with Bitcoin?  Are gold, silver and numismatic coins a better investment?

20% off sale of Elk Velvet Antler from Surthrival.  Use STRONG20 promocode. 

Patrick shares experiences from his trip last week to Illinois for his niece’s wedding.

Their job is to control us and take our mind off the truth. 

Where is the $40 billion they’re sending to Ukraine really going?

Rising prices caused by increase in money supply, despite what Biden says.

According to flat earth cosmology, where do 75 mile wide massive asteroids such as the one that fell into the Yucatan peninsula 66 billions years ago come from?

Hiroshima Revisited book.  Evidence that napalm and mustard gas were used to fake the atomic bombing.

Supposedly a 10,000 megaton nuclear bomb was blown up at Johnston Atoll in 1952.  Patrick stationed there in 1967, saw no evidence of it.

Law of Attraction brings issues up to the surface.  Spirit leads us into situations that bring out unconscious beliefs.

A mandate is not law.  Is a recommendation or request.  Has no power unless we give it power.

Listener wants recommendations for fatigue and brain fogginess.

Amenazel soursop bitters.  Does it clean the small intestine as well?  Does it cause runs to the bathroom?

Dr. Drosten statement about developing the PCR test despite not having a virus sample. 

Last election was a coup d’etat.   How are they getting away with it?  We’re supposedly the strongest country in the world (not).  Shows how strong the forces are that are controlling this country.

How to protect yourself?  Don’t give them any juice.

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