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Moving into a different state of consciousness changes how you feel.

Going within to stay on the razor’s edge of balance.

Apples are cold and dry.  Transforming them into warm and soft by cooking them, making for better eating  on a cold, dry day.  A metaphor for adapting to our life circumstances.

Combining German New Medicine and Ayurveda – a winning medical approach.

Landlines are like gold.  Cell phone VOIP technology is the internet.

Biblical story of Balaam and the Donkey – exemplar of needing to change our approach when up against obstacles.

Mirrors facilitate growing older if you don’t know what you’re doing.

French Court says life insurance company doesn’t need to pay for COVID vaccine death because it is experimental medicine, risks were known, and the person wasn’t mandated to take it.  Therefore legally considered suicide.

The magic of stretching. 

Lots of news about Russia.  Is it all orchestrated?  Russia to partially restrict access to Facebook following their limiting access to some Russian media.  Globalists say: Russia invading a democratic country and it’s our job to install democracy around the world.   US is only country buying that Putin is a bad guy looking to invade Ukraine.  Ukraine has been Nazi neo-fascist since 2013.

Ellie says orange juice causes mucus to clog her throat.  Wonders what the effect of sugar is on teeth.  Do food intolerances change with time?

Does God want us to fear him?  What does he think of suicide?  If you want to reincarnate, do whatever feels good to you, and karma will have its way.

What are the anecdotal benefits from Wayne Blakely’s Living Stream Flora PM probiotic?  Anti-parasite, loosens eye goo overnight.  See 10/4/18 show.

Reports that Russian forces moving closer to Ukrainian capital and their nuclear reactors.  More fear porn?

Reported that the cost to get Russian oil has tripled, but price dropped $2 today.

Biden nominates Ketanji Jackson, a black woman, for US Supreme Court.  More of the socialist agenda.  Are opportunities today for black people easier than ever?

Are women, gay, blacks, trans people all oppressed?  They are in films and on NPR.

Gray hair – do you need to change spiritually before you can change it back to the natural color?

What are all the benefits of the cannabis plant and CBD oil?  Works with mental, emotional, spiritual stuff, even if you’re not aware of it working at that level.

Banks being told to shut down bank accounts because of customers’ political beliefs.

Woman imprisoned in the US for 45 days and fined $5,000 because she streamed 1/6/2000 event in DC on Facebook.

PROMOLIFE sells body bags for ozone that you can use for a CO2 bath.

If the body overbreathes during anxiety or panic mode, excessively releasing CO2, is it natural?  Or is it natural to not get triggered and not be frightened?

Motherhood – the most precious and spiritual job you can do.  But they’re forcing women to work and not take care of their kids.

Do we catch anything?  Or is the body instead cleaning things up?

Listener says Mike Stone’s is a great exposition of the virus lie.  When will the germ theory lie finally die?  It’s a spiritual evolution.

It’s dangerous to protest in foreign lands where you don’t have rights, like in incorporated Washington, DC. 

Do schools want to eradicate the word mother?  Business opportunities for support of home schoolers.

Atom says meditation is the ideal way to accumulate carbon dioxide and get rid of lactic acid.


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