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Scheduled guest Martin Armstrong is now evacuating his home in Florida due to Hurricane Ian.

The lucrative banking industry – making money by making money for a living.

Imminent banking crisis starting in Europe and then spreading to the US next year.

Sovereign debt crisis will explode in Europe.  Promoted by the obsoletes, Patrick’s new term for the elites.

Too Big To Fail movie about banking-caused 2007 implosion covered over by TARP.  It was not caused by subprime mortgages.

Long US history of banks running things and causing turmoil.

Is this the big one, the one the crashaholics have long warned is coming?

Spiritual and emotional shifts going on.  Communism, gender confusion, transhumanism, climate change, COVID – It’s all been a lie.

Is the CIA or another US agency behind the Monday’s Nordstream 1 and 2 explosions?  They’re trying to make everything worse.

NS1 and NS2 pipelines are very deep in the ocean.  Sabotage probably required a submarine.

Charles Nenner doesn’t recommend being in equity markets until October or November.

Dollar still very strong because other currencies are in worse shape.  Dollar Index won’t go much higher.

Don’t give energy to physical complaints.  What we resist persists.

Patrick’s pain in the bladder area went away 2 months after being on an animal based diet.  Temps staying up without thyroid now.

Is meat the species appropriate diet for humans?

The technology of X3.  Building muscle with bands- the safest, quickest way to build muscle without getting sore.  Never losing pressure is key.

Different technology than lifting weights.  Repetitively stretching a band with ever decreasing excursions until you can’t move.

What will currency change to?  Choosing not to participate in what’s coming.

Hurricane Ian – catastrophic strike this am at west coast of Florida, but winds will expand to the east coast of FL.  2nd landing to come on S.E. coast of Florida on Friday.

Listener trying to go carnivore, but overwhelming sugar urges on 3rd day.  Drinking orange juice to satisfy those cravings.

The more sugar you do, the more you want it.

Listener’s mother suffering with colorectal cancer.  In pain and is wasting away.  Try bone broth, meat, and fat.

Listener not sure they can live without baked potato and pasta.  They are comfort foods and wind up being a drug.

Compare the feeling after eating pasta to after eating meat.

Listener misses Richard Maybury shows.  He’s taking a break.

Stanley Druckenmiller – predicts hard landing by end of 2023.  Coming recession or worse.  Every Fed hiking cycle ends in default and bankruptcy of government.  Massive QE of $30 trillion is fueling the recession.  We’re in deep trouble.  Most severe Fed tightening since 1980.

The Fed is causing the issues and they know it.  Raising increase rates won’t stop inflation.  11 year lows on home sales.

Will the US be the Weimar Republic or Venezuela?

Martin Armstrong found documents showing plans made during Clinton Administration to overthrow Russia. 

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