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Omica Organics provides natural, bioavailable health supplements and grocery items for mindful, informed consumers. We strive to preserve the nutritive value and vitality of every ingredient in our organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, low glycemic, kosher, raw, vegan/vegetarian, healthy and natural products. Many of our methodologies and formulations are entirely exclusive to our company.

We are mindful of where and how our ingredients are produced, closely monitor production methods, and recognize the impact of our business practices on the people we encounter, the lifestyles we influence, and the preservation of our planet. Because we also sell in bulk to both large manufacturers and smaller establishments such as tonic bars, Omica Organics has the volume to partner directly with the source, avoiding the inconsistency and questionable practices of the common market. Instead, we’re able to work closely with growers and processors in the US and around the world to offer the best products in ways that promote sustainability, and eco-awareness. We are passionate about paying fair wages and prices, maintaining honesty and responsibility, and promoting respect and goodwill.

We contract with local farmers, both locally and internationally, and ensure that they follow organic methodologies. We promote and buy organic, thus inspiring farmers to follow organic practices, and encouraging manufacturers to promote organic farming techniques through economic need and markets. This not only supports US growers, but helps to support an organic standard of industry in India and China. We purchase only from these organic farmers, then process without using synthetic solvents. We have partners on-site in these countries to verify adherence to strict organic standards.

Omicaorganics.com  Raffi’s son Michael Dilsizian on YouTube.

Background in biodynamic farming.  Studied water under Dr. Rudolph Steiner and Dr. Schallenberger.

Concept that water can die and be brought to life intrigued him early on.

Developed egg vessels to mimic what water does underground as it comes back to life.  Used historically, these can bring waters temperatures down to the low 40s without refrigeration..  Need wind, being on a balcony, and non-glazed vessels.  Must be porous for breathing.  Moisture and wind tends to chill and temps will drop within an hour. 

Water is densest and healthiest at 39.2 F.  Can penetrate cells best at that temp and hydrate better.  Shape of egg allows it to vortex inside.  Periphery Inside the egg is always colder than the middle.  Difference in temperature and egg shape creates the movement inside.  If no movement, the water will die.  Need soil bacteria, minerals, carbons, darkness, coral, to breathe, and time.

If not maintained properly, egg gets moldy.  Stopped making egg vessels 14 years ago.  Making them would be a good project for a nonprofit. Clay materials must be very low in heavy metals.

Theology and philosophy are Raffi’s passion.  Not enough to have good food, good water, and supplements.

Put your water in the refrigerator, where it’s cold and dark already.  Movement not needed with colder temperatures.  Want water at it’s densest.

In hot water, you release toxins into the water.  In cold water, you can absorb minerals.    We drink water to hydrate.  Need water to be as close to 39 F as possible.

Can’t detox all the time, need to hydrate the cells.  Drinking alkaline water all day long isn’t good for you.  High pH water doesn’t taste bad, so you think it’s harmless.

Options for whole house filter systems are the cartridges.  Depends on what is in the water.  Base is 3 cartridges, 4.5”x20”.  4 if you have hard water.

When water sits for a long time and ages, it forms goo, so want to be changing cartridges.  Want a system where the homeowner can change the cartridge and not need a plumber.

When you’re taking care of one problem, you often create another one.

1st cartridge is sediment cartridge to catch particles.  Can have “woven cotton” which has polypropylene plastic in it.  Pressing water through very fine openings.  Raffi uses coconut carbon, started with zinc and copper.  Large variation in coconut carbon on the market.  Sri Lanka coconut carbon is best.  Many manufacturers use acid washing, but you don’t want the acid embedded in the coconut carbon, and Raffi’s isn’t.

2nd cartridge is coconut carbon block, unless dealing with fluoride.

3rd cartridge is also coconut carbon block.  Blocks require glue to stay together.  More expensive to compact coconut carbon manually, which Raffi does.

Filters get dirty and have to be changed.  Reason you don’t want a big 15” or 16” tank.  Frequency of cartridge change depends on the water.

Different systems needed for city water so to get rid of fluoride and chlorine.

Whole house systems not recommended for renters.  Use Reverse Osmosis unit instead.  His R.O. systems under the sink have 6 cartridges.  Cartridge #5 is the most complicated.

Uses coral calcium to add minerals back in that are absorbed by the body, instead of calcium.  Don’t want to drink hard water.  Raffi doesn’t like water softener systems.  One reason is what the beads are made out of:  DVD, divinyl benzene.  A clear liquid from crude oil, and water softener water gets pressed through it.

So what to do?  If you don’t use a water softener, you have to change pipes every 15 years in hard water areas like TX. 

Raffi likes anti-scale units instead of water softeners.  It changes structure of water so calcium and potassium don’t stick and will also help clear pipes.  Need a filter system ahead of an anti-scale unit.  Need to change anti-scale unit every 1-2 years. 

Whole house filter isn’t sufficient.  Need a point of use filter for drinking.

Raffi shows his R.O. unit, which has 6 cartridges inside non-porous plastic housing.  Can produce 550 gallons/day, so don’t need a tank.  Will not incubate mold.

He’s installed whole house filters for gardening water.  Commercial cannabis operations grow better and have fewer diseases without water contaminants.

If a water shortage, maybe not even city water available, you can use an adapter and take the unit to a different location and purify the water from a creek or swimming pool, for instance.

Hulda Clark pioneered discussion of the issue of mold in R.O. units.

Heritage of running an organic restaurant in California from 1972-1999 and having trouble getting organic ingredients from farmers.

Cheapest things to change for your health is air and water.

Nuclear testing ruined the water in the city and basin of Las Vegas.  Raffi wanted to protect himself from the radiation while living there, so he developed his shower filter.  Engineering challenge to design the right amount of resistance in the shower filter because of the pressure created inside it.  His shower filter has no cartridge so as to maximize space for filtration capability.

Carbon in the shower filter is the main element helping with the chlorine.   Omica’s high quality carbon even works in shower heat, cheaper carbons don’t.  Zinc and copper help with heavy metals and pathogens and don’t get eaten up.  Activated alumina helps with fluoride, but it gets eaten up, so it was removed. 

The Omica shower filter doesn’t filter out fluoride.  Omica does make a large floor unit that will filter out fluoride.  Uses a brass adapter, handle and hose that doesn’t have plastic or rubber in it that attaches to the shower inlet.  Can be use for taking baths or showers.  Also special showerheads not available elsewhere

Patrick’s testimony that the Omica shower filter is the only one that took out the green staining from the hot water copper pipes in his home.

If building a house from scratch, Raffi likes brass, copper pipes, but especially brass fittings.  Stainless steel gets porous, also changes the vibration of water.  Likes mirin glass for his formulations.

Storing water in a 2.7 gallon vessel with spigot in refrigerator.  Need that volume to bring water alive. 

Optimum material for a 10,000 gallon water tank?  Don’t drink water directly from the tank – will need a water system.  Challenges with storing it underground. 

Can Omica Grow Formula 101 be applied to bathwater or to the skin on a human?  Yes, but better to use his new conditioner. 

Patrick loves the shampoo and conditioner.  They help with bug bites.  Challenge developing it on how to preserve without preservatives.  Now uses extract in a paste instead of dried form.  When extracts are dehydrated, they lose all hydrogen. 

What does Raffi think of deuterium or deuterium-depleted water?  Do his filters take it out?   Omica’s R.O. units have been tested to show they get rid of everything.  See lab reports.

Should CO2-extract turmeric oil be refrigerated?  No.  95 curcumin is usually produced with hexane.  CO2 extracted oil is very stable.

Listener with an Omica filter that doesn’t have enough clearance.  Take the shower filter with you and go to a plumbing supply store to get an adapter, usually ½”.  Unit is heavy, so get brass, not plastic.

Omica has about 200 extracts.  Big part of their business is reselling organic raw extracts to other companies. have a partnership in India.

Omica sells elixirs, medicinal mushrooms, 2 kinds of shilajit from his partners in India.  There’s good powder and good paste shilajit, and bad powder and bad paste.  Want shilajit from 7,000 ft. elevation and not lower because higher is much cleaner.  Shilajit tonic with and without honey. 

Much testing required for identify and pesticides.  Vitally important to have trusted suppliers. 

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