Dawn and David Lester

The Nature of Reality; It’s Stranger Than You Think

Dawn Lester and David Parker have backgrounds in the fields of Accountancy and Electrical Engineering, respectively.

These fields both require an aptitude for logic, which proved extremely useful for their investigation into the Nature of Reality.

A popular saying, which is often attributed to Albert Einstein, claims that problems cannot be solved by using the same way of thinking that created them.

The concept underlying this saying can be extrapolated to indicate that a problem can often be better understood by people outside of the discipline in which it occurs because they are not bound by any dogma or biases inherent within that discipline.

The authors’ investigation was conducted from a different perspective from that of the establishment; it was therefore free from the dogma and biases inherent within mainstream teachings.

This unbiased and logical approach enabled them to follow the evidence with open minds and led them to discover the flaws within the information that is promulgated by the mainstream establishment.

The results of their investigation are revealed within their book: The Nature of Reality: Exploding the Mind Body Spirit Myth.

Their book: The Nature of Reality; It’s Stranger Than You Think

How to determine what is or isn’t fake news regarding health?

Looked at original papers, books in libraries, multiple sources, rather than the censored internet.

Dr. Stefan Lanka trained as a virologist.  Perfect candidate to tear virology apart. 

Tenet of Lester/Parker book that there no viruses is accepted by well-respected researchers.

Must read the methodology to understand the validity of research papers.

Sources coming up with more charades to hide that there is no virus.  Want to keep people in fear.

There never was a COVID disease.  No one died from COVID.

Symptoms and illness were given a false label.  What are they ill from?  Not germs.  Toxic substances, poor nutrition?

Historically, corporations and US Army caught spraying toxic stuff on the populace.

Dr. Kary Mullis, inventor of PCR test, said it shouldn’t be used to prove an illness.

British government banned autopsies on people who supposedly died from COVID.

No excess deaths during the “pandemic”.  UK April 2020 2 week death peak explained by use of ventilators and high dose hydroxychloroquine.

Propaganda that hospitals were full and overrun.  Fear can also manifest as a disease.

Quantum physicist said: There’s no out there out there.

You can create a reality and interact with it, e.g. when you’re dreaming, that’s solid and separate to you.

Are dreams just the day’s debris?  Or their own reality?

Are we here to learn who we are and what our reality is?

Energy attributed as the basis of all creation.  But we don’t know what energy really is.

E = MC2 is telling you how much energy is required to give the appearance of matter.

People don’t understand the nature of reality until they realize matter, energy, and consciousness are the same thing.

Reality is an expression of consciousness.

Healing is changing your consciousness.  Demonstrated with placebo and nocebo effects.

Imagine God or the Source of All Being, which will be outside of time and space.  It can perceive but can’t be perceived. 

Wants to explore itself, but can never entirely do that because it is limitless.  That starts the creation of worlds where we appear to be solid and separate individuals, but we’re all part of true nature. 

We must forget true nature to explore things that are meaningful.  In this reality, we’ve forgotten our true nature of mortal and limitless. 

We have to forget what we truly are, so we can remember who we are, so we can have more control over our reality. 

We live our lives based on beliefs.  They want to limit our power and nature.

We are more than the physical body.  Which means you can change your experiences, change the narrative.  Don’t have to live in fear-based system. 

Leads to creating new ways of living, without wars, more harmonious, based on our true nature of unconditional love.

We are gods in our own way.  Christian mystic Clement of Alexandria said to practice being God.  We are the One manifested as the many.

We appear to be separate, but we’re not separate from anything.  We each have our own reality, and we decide how we’re going to interact.

Don’t put energy into anything hateful.  The evil ones are playing a role, bringing us out of complacency. 

It’s the Great Awakening.  We’ve never had this opportunity before. 

If you don’t believe in a doomsday, it won’t happen.  But rotten systems will crumble from the inside.

Quote from an Indian maharishi about self-realization.

Listener asks: What do I do with all the thoughts streaming through my mind? 

Use meditation/contemplation to still the mind;  be in nature.  Quieten down the mind.  Look at why you’re thinking those things.

Every thought is a state of consciousness.  Move to a state that you want.

Past, present, and future exist simultaneously.  Quantum physics agrees.

We don’t have to be afraid of death.

We’ve created reality to experience things.  Won’t understand swimming until you get in the water and swim.

Symptoms represent the body trying to get back into balance.

Don’t let the label doctors give you be part of your identity.  Dying of the diagnosis.

What can you do to help your body heal?

4 factors causing all illness: Toxification, poor nutrition, emf exposure, prolonged stress.

No need to fear a germ or virus will attack you.

We are not a biological accident.  No scientific evidence to support Darwinism.

Our true nature is soul.  We have manifested into a reality.

Do you really think and believe millions of souls have come to earth to live in tyranny?

We’re on the brink of an Eden.

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