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: No need to live in fear!

It’s normal and appropriate to fear an infection that can take your life, especially when you believe that you cannot avoid getting it or that you cannot cure it once you have it. The COVID pandemic now has most of the world population literally petrified.

As it turns out, the healthy immune system can kill ANY pathogens that it encounters. The number of potential infections that get repelled on a daily basis is enormous. But sometimes even a strong immune system needs a little help to keep the body well.

It turns out that there are many remedies that directly use and stimulate the body’s natural ability to kill pathogens. Particularly for COVID and other acutely contracted respiratory viruses, the treatments can be incredibly quick as well as effective. In fact, when applied properly, the infection always loses.

Furthermore, the primary treatment discussed in this book is easy to take and literally costs only pennies. There are no toxic side effects, and it is readily available to anyone.

Loads of legitimate science proves that the amazing information presented herein is not too good to be true. Let’s all put COVID in the rearview mirror forever.

About the Author

Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD is a board-certified cardiologist and the author of Primal Panacea and Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins; plus several other groundbreaking medical books. He is one of the world’s leading vitamin C experts and frequently lectures to medical professionals all over the globe about the proper role of vitamin C and antioxidants in the treatment of a host of medical conditions and diseases.

Cortisol is absolutely essential to good health and life.  Synthetic forms impair how it is used.

Cortisol regulates everything in the body.  Primary role is to push or pull Vit C into the cells. 

Achieving a normal level of Vit C in the cell gives stunning results of good health.  Is a synergistic, anti-inflammatory agent. 

Humans don’t make Vitamin C because of a genetic mutation which causes transcription defects.  We don’t have the 4th enzyme needed to convert glucose to Vit C.  Need Vit C and cortisol together to process glucose.  Get a surplus of glucose if cortisol steroids given without Vit C.

Losing the ability to taste or smell from COVID.  Massive IV push of Vit C restored taste to Dr. Levy.  Everything gets better when you get maximal amounts of Vit C in the cell. 

Quality of life is gone if you can’t taste.  Whatever causes COVID  generates pro-oxidants, which creates a “disease”.  Vit C with cortisol takes care of infections and disease.

98% of all heart attacks are caused by a chronic source of infection from an oral source.  98% of abscessed teeth don’t hurt but are causing oxidation. Need a 3-D cone beam oral x-ray to see them.  Atherosclerosis is reversible when you stop the oxidation. 

100% of root canals are infected.  Infections are primary source of toxins in the body.  Most of the population has a chronic pathogenic situation in a given tissue.  Autopsies show pathogenic colonization in Alzheimer’s patients.  All toxins are pro-oxidant.

Why do root canals procedures leave infection and no longer allow you to feel the infection?

Formula 216 appears to allow synthesis of Vit C in the human body.

Liposomal Vit C doesn’t require energy to metabolize.  95% is absorbed before it gets to the colon.  Need to also avoid calcium and boost magnesium up.

Most glutathione comes from intracellular synthesis.  Can’t make it in conditions of oxidative stress.

Why is magnesium the single most important supplement to take?

Can’t eat enough food-sourced Vitamin C to restore a healthy Vitamin C status.

Can you make homemade liposomal Vitamin C using lecithin and an ultrasonic machine?  No, it’s not really liposomal and doesn’t get into the cells.

Can we oxidize biomolecules when we get anxious and have mental stress?

Dr. Levy authored 13 books.  Topics are vitamin C, dental issues, dental toxicity, rapid virus recovery, glutathione.

How to recover from COVID?  See article at ‘,  Resolving “Long-Haul COVID” and Vaccine Toxicity: Neutralizing the Spike Protein.  Take IV or liposomal vitamin C augmented by cortisol.  If you have an elevated D-Dimer, you have blood clotting.  Is a measure of blood clots as they are breaking down. 

Can you overcome damage from the vax?   Seeing damage from continuing production of spike protein in the body.

What about dental implants?  If done well, a good long term solution.

Is it good to take Vitamin E with Vitamin C?

What is a good cholesterol number?  198-210.  Cholesterol is a natural anti-toxin.

Is there any way to heal a root canal?  No, it must be removed.

Why should we take hydrocortisone with Vitamin C?

Majority of population has adrenal insufficiency.

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