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Richard Proctor is a retired professional who has been a member of the Constitution Party for over 10 years, and previous candidate for the State of Utah Auditor in 2008 & 2012.

The goal of the party in Utah is to spread the message of “Honoring God, Defending the Family, and Restoring the Republic to the principles given us by the Founding Fathers”.  This is the same message fostered by the Founding Fathers.  They understood that to remain a free and prosperous nation their message needed to be embedded in the hearts and minds of each succeeding generation of Americans.  The two major parties have failed miserably in that responsibility. The Constitution Party leadership is finding that this message resonates well with Utahans as it should.  This is especially true of those conservatives who are moving to Utah.  All of the state officers and nearly 70% of the county leadership are filled by transplants to this state. Our challenge is simply to get that message out to the public. Regardless of how difficult this task is, the party is intent on achieving it.  As in other states, those coming into the party in Utah are not only disenfranchised republicans, but many democrats and independents as well.  They are fully aware that the message of our Founding Fathers is a timeless one and one that is fitting to every generation of Americans.

Richard Proctor has a great book we recommend for you, your family and friends. You can order from your favorite book store and also below on the following website. The Book “Saving The Constitution.”

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US hasn’t properly elected a president since 1796. 

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has been selecting who will run for president.  They were organized in early 1920s with the goal of making a one-world government,.  Before that, Roundtable, a Cecil Rhodes group, made the choices.

Trump was first president not to be selected by the CFR.

Walter Lippman, a writer, reporter, and political commentator in the 20s, 40s, 50s, was chosen to be spokesman for CFR.  He was In charge of all news for all media outlets. 

JP Morgan, a Rothschild agent, wanted control of all the newspapers.  They bought the editorial staffs, which gave them control of all newspapers across the country.

Richard’s latest book is Hidden Lies of the Banking System.  Fed steals millions from us every single hour via fractional reserve banking.

The value of money is regulated by how much is produced. 

Deficit spending is not okay.  Value of money should be based on production not debt.

We’re being destroyed by our own government and our own borrowing.

M3 money supply can no longer be tracked.  During 1970s, it rose astronomically.  Causing inflation today.

Do not ever sell your gold, and don’t let anyone know you have it.  It will become really valuable one day.

Price of silver kept under control by the Rothschild group.  If you have some, keep it.

EPA and carbon credits are unconstitutional.  Standing army is unconstitutional.  Roe v. Wade was unconstitutional.

Federal government can do nothing that the constitution does not specifically allow.

Abortion is murder.  Determination of murder is a decision for the state.

No attorney is ever taught the constitution in school.  Schools teach code law.

7th amendment says common law and trial by jury is preserved.

6th amendment says assistance of counsel is allowed.  Assistance of counsel is not same as being a bar attorney.

Rule of law is being thrown out.  Federal attorney general has no right to exist.  No right to send federal police to a state.

Some states are telling the federal government to pound sand.  E.g. S.D. Governor Christy Noem had no pandemic restrictions.

Could Texas secede from the U.S.?  Richard says yes, but doesn’t recommend.  Says we should stand together as 50 states and stop doing what is unconstitutional.

Richard recommends the states hold their money in public citizen banks, which are not part of the Federal Reserve.

Property taxes are the worst taxes we have.  Property valuation is based on theoretical worth if property was sold.    

Black’s Law says can’t change a contract with an amendment.  But 14th Amendment changed the essence of the constitution. 

How to penalize the federal government for unconstitutional actions?  The state can cut off money to the federal government.

States should establish private citizen banks.  Get rid of federal taxes.  Will need militia to protect state against the US military.

Will the US military go into a state and invade them to prevent a state from rebelling lawfully against the federal government?

Explore Richard’s website,, for an education about political economics and liberty.  Get access to his books, podcasts, Patreon account, and school.

Listener asks Richard to explain how Trump got to be President despite CFR not selecting him. 

CFR decides on the candidates, media and political parties determine who will be supported by the population.

In 2020, mail-in-ballots used to get Biden and others into office.

Supreme Court Justice Scalia was a strong constitutionalist.  He was murdered.

Did they threaten Supreme Court Justice Roberts to get him to declare Obamacare legal?

Was Ross Perot threatened if he didn’t drop out of presidential race?

Do the people wait around until the whole thing crashes?  It’s what we’re doing now.

Watch Dr. Zhivago movie.  It’s what we’re going to live like.

Central bank currency will be a major control on the population.  Avoid it with a public citizen bank.

After the Revolutionary War, the soldiers went back to their homes.  They had no money, got loans based on future crop harvest.  Then banks demanded gold and silver for payment before crops came in, forfeited loans.  Led to War of 1812.

North Dakota has a private citizen bank, started in 1919, but it’s still part of the Federal Reserve.

Never elect an incumbent.  Never elect someone the media supports.

International banking association wants to destroy the United States.  World Economic Forum is making everything worse.

Red Flag laws are meant to destroy the United States.  Are ex post facto laws, in violation of the Constitution.

We will never see December 2019 again.  Was the last time we weren’t under duress.

Moneypox is to get more of us under control.  Los Angeles under mask mandate again.

Putin offered Russian citizenship to any Ukraine resident that wants it.

Pushback against US Supreme Court Justices because they didn’t do what the media wanted them to do.

Life begins at conception.  Declaration of Independence guarantees life.

How to get out of paying property taxes?  Need a substitute source of income for the state.  Get legislature to establish a private citizen bank in your state.  But it must not be part of the Federal Reserve;  do not want to send profits out of state.

Destroy a country by destroying production.  COVID lockdowns destroyed production.

In 2022 we are 17th in the world in the standard of living.  We are dropping fast.

What should people do to protect themselves from the craziness?  Organize, acquire gold and silver, learn how to garden.

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