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It Takes A Long Time to Get Young

Patrick loves Fridays because he gets to connect with listeners and talk about everything under the sun. Do you have a question or comment about health or well being? How about spiritual concepts? What do you think about our reality? Are we suffering from mass psychosis or being programmed? Did we go to the moon? Is the world a sphere spinning through space? Join the conversation. We have loads of fun!!

Clearing out traumas with spiritual work.  Healing through letting go of angst in relationships.


Will there be a split?  Like-minded people wanting to be with people like themselves.

Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.  Giving us things make us weaker.

$500 billion interest per year on federal debt.  Entire financial system is screwed up.

Give 110% in your pursuits and God kicks in the rest.

$100 off Sale on Relax Far Infrared Sauna.  Email Patrick.

Listener screamed and pounded pillows and her breast cancer went away.

Mark Zuckerberg admitted on Joe Rogan’s show that the FBI came to him and said they didn’t want Hunter’s laptop story out before the 2020 election.

Listener with prostate cancer.  Patrick recommends Pyramid of Health book by Gilbert Renaud.

Caller Sean talks about making videos on ORN expandable, also body building.

Listener appreciates ORN guest Kate Kavanaugh’s wisdom.

Mother of an ASD child comments on diet concerns.

Clip on Tucker Carlson about Amos Miller.  Amos says he was not recently raided.  Why are there media stories to that effect?

Can a person have sugar on a carnivore diet? 

What is the best diet for healing?  It’s what you believe that’s important.  Our state of consciousness controls what happens in our body.

Raw sugar cane juice is an Ayurvedic remedy for diabetes.

Federal judge Edward G. Smith imposed sanctions on Amos Miller.

Listener asks about urine therapy.  Prior ORN show with Amandha Vollmer about it.

Animal fat for better brain functioning.  Study says eggs, meat, whole fat dairy, high fat chocolate not associated with cardiovascular disease.

We’re the only animal that drinks milk after childhood.  But we’re the only species that can control other animals to be able to harvest their milk.



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