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Will Falconer, DVM

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Raising Pets with Better Health and More Vitality

“Awesome show!! He is the real deal…..he has been my vet going on over 10 years.” – Charlotte in Texas

Vital Animals.
They smell good, feel soft and clean, and just exude energy. A bounce in their step, they are ready to play, run, climb and swim, but can also be content in the quiet moments of your life.

Let alone being free of illness, these guys just shine. Eyes bright and clear, teeth gleaming, light dancing off their coats, they are balanced in their every move, a joy to be around.

If you want animals like this, who share long years of vital life with you, you’ve come to the right place.

Dr. Falconer will guide you, if you’re willing to step off the beaten path with open eyes and a bold heart.

Your animals are counting on your choices to thrive.

Dr. Falconer was once a conventional veterinarian.

Here’s what he’s learned:


Sad and expensive results for animals, which may be avoided entirely.

He knows that old path and can guide you safely beyond it.

Dr. Will Falconer Holistic Veterinarian

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Show Highlights:

-Impact of his spiritual work informing his veterinarian practice, especially the homeopathic component.

-Homeoprophylaxis – primarily nosodes – used to prevent illness. Only short-term effectiveness, must be given close to exposure.

-Can avoid vaccine with distemper and parvo nosodes given weekly until puppy is about 9 months old.

-Allergic itch – number one problem of dogs now. Itchiness most often starts a month after a round of puppy shots.

-Never vaccinate an ill dog. Vaccines and heartworm pesticides closely related to onset of illness.

-Rabies vaccination given to a dog over 16 weeks old probably has given immunity for life.

-The issue of “current shots” requirement.

-Serious downside effects of vaccinations. It’s not just mercury that is the problem. Vaccinosis – chronic illness from a vaccine that often mirrors the illness itself. Tautode – a remedy made from the vaccine.

-Illness – due to a combination of factors inherited from parents and acquired.

-Natural rearing methods provide resistance to parasites and disease.

-Can do a rabies titer to know if a dog over 16 weeks has immunity to rabies. Most states won’t recognize a positive titer test.

-Will recommends a drug-free heartworm protocol with testing every spring for heartworm and constitutional remedies to treat heartworm.

-Best homemade diets for a cat. Are vegetables needed? See Dr. Pierson’s recommendations. Best diet is prey-like with moisture.

-How to interest a cat in water? If cats are fed moist food, they should not be thirsty.

-Green tripe, the stomach content of cattle, is loaded with prebiotics.

-Is it safe for a dog to sniff other dogs’ poop?

-Is it beneficial to give a dog apple cider vinegar and honey?

-Could a hearing problem in a Papillon dog be from a clogged ear canal?

-A dog with an out-of-date rabies shot is not required to be put down but will be quarantined for 10 days.

-What does Will think of stem cell treatments for a dog’s joint problems?

-Resources list for vets, groomers, and boarders willing to work with pets raised with natural methods.

-What to do for high titers for Lyme Disease in dogs that are healthy vs. those showing symptoms.

-Constitutional remedies for aggressive dogs and cats. Not a DIY treatment.

-Balanced raw food is best diet. Variety over time. Change proteins monthly. Simulate prey, which is 75% muscle and bone, 20% organs, 5-10% vegetation.

-Downside of a mono diet is that the pet can become allergic to that food. Canned food is better than kibble.

-Is it safe for a dog to eat wild rabbit? Are raw bones okay? Raw eggs?

-Are vitamins or supplements needed?

-Bach Flower Remedies course.

dr will falconer dvm, healing your pets with homeopathy with out vaccines, january 3, 2016

'Will Falconer, DVM – Raising Pets with Better Health and More Vitality – January 3, 2017' have 5 comments

  1. January 3, 2017 @ 3:17 pm Tiffany McCullough

    I just love Dr. Falconer. He has taught me so much about how to care for my two very much loved dogs. I’ve learned a blethoria of information on canine vaccinations and why to VOID them if humanly possible. What to feed them to avoid disease and common canine pests (like fleas, etc) and how to raise two very healthy and energetic dogs who will only visit a vet in an extreme emergency. Avoiding Dr. Whitecoat and the Vet’s office is my passion. Thank you Dr. Falconer for your love of all animals, your website, and your persistence in getting the wholistic message out to pet owners.


  2. January 4, 2017 @ 10:47 pm Joya deVivre

    Fantastic to hear Dr. Falconer speak about healthy ways to raise pets. He’s a rare breed! ;) Thank you for this interview and letting Will Falconer reach more people so we can get back in tune with nature and live sustainably with our healthy pets.


  3. January 7, 2017 @ 5:50 pm Yvette Sabin

    So very grateful for this interview. I have followed the marvelous teachings of Juliette de Bairacli Levy, as mentioned here by Dr. Falconer, and attempted to raise our pets according to her Natural Rearing, but even so there are legal and environmental difficulties almost impossible to avoid. We just lost our 7-year old Golden Retriever to nasal carcinoma suddenly and tragically, the symptoms only obvious to us in retrospect: a small swelling on his nose, a slight and brief limp when first rising, and a few sneezing episodes that soon produced bleeding, which is when we rushed him to the vet. He was diagnosed inoperable and incurable – we lost him that very day. It happened that quickly. Now we agonize over what might have caused it and what we might have done to protect him. His parents were not naturally reared and perhaps he was genetically compromised before we ever brought his adorable puppy self home. I am encouraged by Dr. Falconer’s experience with constitutional homeopathy as it offers hope for doing better when next we can bring a puppy or grown dog home. I guess I have to say there is nothing quite so painful as losing a beloved pet.


  4. January 8, 2017 @ 11:52 am James

    You know, I won’t vaccinate my pet, but regular deworming is extremely helpful, even using “pharmaceuticals.” Ivermectin is one of the safest preventatives ever made, it’s cheap, and keeps dogs worm free.

    Also, regular de-ironing the dogs keep them healthy. Most of the commercial foods have >200ppm dry weight of iron, which fuels bugs and parasites like gas on a grass fire. Stay away from commercial junk.

    There is a safe and healthy way to use both alternative medicine and pharmaceutical medicine safely and effectively.


    • January 21, 2017 @ 5:29 am DogMom

      Ivermectin use will lead to liver failure. It’s not safe. Use food grade diatomaceous earth daily to treat all types of worms. Lots of info on the web. Ground pumpkin seeds are another option. Chemicals are not natural to the body and will result in toxins in the system. Best is to always use only natural things and there are so many to chose from.


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