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Milan Bender

Harvesting Your Own Rainwater

Show Highlights:

-How could rainwater be clean enough to drink and bathe in?

-Rain purifies the atmosphere: Milan explains how roof washing works and why it’s best to collect the rainwater after the first 15-20 minutes

-Getting started in harvesting your own rainwater

-What if you have asphalt shingles? Can you still collect rainwater safely?

-The problem with water towers

-The best place on your property to place a water collection tank

and so much more!

Water has always been connected with mystery and used as a symbol of mystery. The Taoists explain that water is the closest thing to representing The Great Way – the mystery of life. Healing waters have been sought after and “discovered” by countless people through the ages. Every highly developed ancient religion used water. It was called holy water because it healed the body. It was held sacred as the magically transforming substance – the very “waters of life.” Water along with fresh air, was the basis of orthodox medical science in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Not surprising when one realizes 95% to 70% (birth to old age) of our bodies are composed of water. Our brain with over 15,000,000,000 (15 billion) brain cells is over 70% water. The lifeblood that feeds and nourishes every cell in our body is composed of 92% water. The body’s temperature is controlled through water dynamics. It is these same dynamics that Planet Earth uses to moderate temperature. Water is the mediator between extremes and is a neutral ph of 7 when pure. Water embraces everything, is in and through everything. It is the universal element shared by every plant, animal and human alike. It is primal mother supplying the mystery of life to every living thing. All the greatest healers who studied many healing systems and constantly unraveled the mysteries of optimum health; concluded by saying that if we could just understand water we would need nothing else. How is this mysterious element able to perform such feats? Why was water so important to the alchemists of old? Why was water so important to all sacred rites? Why is it that you can judge a people’s awareness of life by the way they pollute water? What is structured water? What is water memory?

IMG_3821Milan Bender is the son of Joseph Bender a well-respected water expert and self-proclaimed mad scientist for over 40 years. Joseph was the founder of Rain Fresh Water along with his wife Cindy back in 1984. He also founded the institute for Advanced Water Sciences. Milan draws on the years of research started by his father and has now grasped the passion for his own water research. Milan is currently employed by Rain Fresh Water as the purification technician and technologies specialist. His skill set includes Commercial and residential filtration sizing, installation and maintenance. As well as rain water harvesting practices, Permaculture, and experimental water sciences and research.


Contact: [email protected]


milan bender on rainwater, the ins and outs and in between’s, october 22, 2013

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