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Operation Unite® Water

Topic: How has drought impacted California and what are the most critical points in navigating toward solutions?
Operation Unite® Water was created with a specific mission in mind: to act as a catalyst for uniting the public on water related issues.

Historically, solving many of our national water concerns have caused great controversy and hardship on our society. Circumstances such as the transfer of water from Mono Lake to Los Angeles in California or the dependency of the farming communities in the mid-west on the Ogallala Aquifer have each created a dependency on the resource and a stressor that demands continued water availability. Without enough water with the right qualities, economies can suffer and life-styles change. Water is simply, “Fundamental to Our Lives and Environment™.”

Operation Unite® Water is a platform with outreach programs for sharing successes and finding solutions to water problems.

You also will find programs that support water well users in rural residential and agricultural settings. These programs help develop self-reliance, an ability to adapt and a collaborative spirit within our communities. Success is attributed to a population engaged in the solution, collectively and individually. This approach requires minimal government regulating or policing.

Operation Unite® Water feels that education of the public to “Know Your Water®” better results in a public that makes better decisions. As you explore our website, you will discover radio and video broadcasts, slide shows, publications and presentations that each contribute to fulfilling our mission. Educate and engage the water user to solve their own water concerns. A little guidance goes a long way.

Stephen Baker

Show Highlights:

-What his organization,Operation Unite® Water, is all about

-What’s happening with the weather changes? Where there used to be weather fronts bringing huge volumes of water, there are no more. Stephen talks atmospheric changes

-How the water shortage in CA is affecting all the crops and the farming communities

-Improving efficiency with better irrigation practices is only one of the ways to conserve water; Stephen discusses this idea and others

-The philosophical side of water shortages

-The groundwater rights in CA

-Why can’t the deep, deep pristine water be harvested?

-Finding ways of recycling and reusing water

-The ethics of restricting the collection of rain water

-Stephen doesn’t believe the CA drought is due to someone tampering with the weather

-Question from Atom Bergstrom:The atmosphere contains 37.5 million billion gallons of water recycled 40 times a year.What do you think about innovators like John T. Nordberg, who seem to have practical and inexpensive ways to access this atmospheric water?

and more!!!

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