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Charles Savoie

The Silver Stealers
Charles is a private researcher/historian who has invested a considerable amount of time and effort in compiling a vast body of research which he has titled “The Silver Stealers”. His chronology originally dealt primarily with events taking place in the 19th and early-20th century. However, he has since updated and expanded upon that initial chronology to include further events (and the individuals behind those events) right up to the present day. He links a relatively small but extremely powerful group of individuals (and often their descendants) together through two common “threads”: their propensity for actions which were extremely detrimental to the silver market and/or the holders of silver; and their membership in a little-known organization which they have called “The Pilgrims”.”

silver stealers

Show Highlights:

-Charles gives one piece of advice: Buy pre-1964 silver dimes. He explains why this is an excellent idea

-What kind of Black Swan event could happen to topple the system?

-What is The Pilgrim Society? Who’s involved in this secret society? What are it’s goals?

-Created paper currencies and the absence of a gold standard

-How did ‘the Boys’ let Kennedy in as President?

-Who’s keeping silver low?

-Continuing demand is the only thing that will drive silver prices up

-Seizing and absorbing wealth from the American people through the medical system

-Charles gives his take on the Hunt Bros. on his website

-What’s going on with China getting so much gold?

-Patrick asks, “how can one not outlive their money?”

-Will we see a GCR(Global Currency Rest)?

-On another note, Charles talks a bit about health and shares a tip about drinking fresh lemon juice and water

and more!!!

charles savoie on silver, gold, world money control and more, march 23, 2015

'Charles Savoie – The Plan? To Return to the World to Serfdom Under the British Royal Family – March 23, 2015' have 3 comments

  1. March 23, 2015 @ 10:11 pm Lucretia

    Interesting interview. In the Art of War, yes, the idea is to have two others battle and when they are tired, that is when – in this case – the US would come in and take take both out. However the US is already financially strapped and with a very dumbed down and sick population given all the GMO foods and toxic chemtrails I doubt that is the plan at all. Additionally, I doubt this is the plan as both Alan Watt and Brigadier General Partin have said 50 nations signed the ‘Third International Program” agreement in 1930 to make China the next economic and military power of the world. We can see this plan is being put into action as the those who run this country are purposely shipping our manufacturing jobs to China while destroying jobs and the economy in America. Thus I do not think those who run the US plan to try to get our military and economic power back.


  2. March 24, 2015 @ 10:10 am Kevin

    There was never confiscation of PM’s. The act made it illegal to hoard or deal PM. So, out of fear it was turned in by the public. That would never happen again.


  3. March 27, 2015 @ 7:20 am rex

    The plan is in Pikes 3 world wars letter.nwo WITH Lucifer as God.
    Usa to be compleatly distroyed.200 million dead .


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