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The goal of Camel Milk USA is to make camel milk available to citizens of the United States and to further medical research and studies of camel milk in this country. There are so many people who could benefit from the healing properties of this milk. The high levels of insulin in camel’s milk and the antibodies, which are much simpler in structure than human milk antibodies, enable it to penetrate deeper into the human tissue and cells, which means that the milk has the potential to serve as a major weapon against many human illnesses.

Studies done in other countries with autism, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Crohn’s, Parkinson’s, food allergies and a variety of other illnesses have been impressive, Dr. Millie Hinkle of Camel Milk USA but Dr. Hinkle wants to repeat those studies with pasteurized milk in medically supervised double-blind studies here in the U.S. (Many states do not allow raw milk to be sold; therefore we must use pasteurized milk if it is to be sold throughout the U.S.) Dr. Hinkle has had some positive feedback with pasteurized camel milk for the same ailments but more in-depth studies are needed.

Show Highlights:

-Four years ago it was a crime to sell camel’s milk, Dr. Hinkle is the one responsible for getting the law changed

-The most potent milk is in the first 6 months. Camels are different from cows and goats as they will only release milk if there is a suckling baby camel

-How is camel’s milk different from other milks?

-Camel’s milk is a medicinal milk; drink slowly with caution as it is very powerful

-Camel’s milk is quite expensive, often selling for $20/pint

-Dr. Hinkle tells a story of healing an autistic boy with camels milk

-Fixing the gut before fixing the brain with autistic kids

-Where can I buy camel’s milk?

-Using camel’s milk for diabetes, Lyme’s disease and Alzheimers

-How does it work on Type 2 diabetes?

-The importance of getting heavy metals out of the body; Millie is a big fan of far infrared saunas

-Camel’s milk is a complete food; you can live on it alone

-What Millie is doing with Gulf War Syndrome

and more!


Dr. Millie Hinkle


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dr millie hinkle on camels milk, march 25, 2014

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    Dr. Millie Hinkle, ND – The Medicinal Properties of Camel’s Milk


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