How You May Be Able to Overcome Your Allergy to Milk, Cheese and Other Foods and Supercharge Your Immune System

By Stephen Heuer

In 2010 Canadian Biochemists Published a paper on the success they had with an increase in CD4 Count among people living with HIV/AIDS, using a Probiotic Yogurt. This was lead by Dr. Gregory Reid, PhD. an authority in the field of microbiology. This study combined with the research of Dr. Macro Ruggiero, evolved into the Probiotic Culture called Bravo. It took Dr. Ruggiero 314 attempts at producing a probiotic culture that can truly reconstitute the gut Microbiome and the Human Immune System. Enzymes of certain strains of microorganisms contained in yogurt and kefir are able to convert milk Gc-protein into active DBP-MAF (Vitamin D Binding Protein-Macrophage Activating Factor). It is known that kefir modulates the immune response in mice, increasing the phagocytic activity of peritoneal and pulmonary macrophages. You can also reconstitute the Microbiome of the gut with suppositories made of Bravo Yogurt.

At one point the Canadian researcher gave only the probiotics without the yogurt and they got zero results. So the Bravo was developed to give people access to a probiotic that when made into a yogurt, can restore the immune system is to maximum power.


Bravo Yogurt is a Complex food with more than milk or probiotics to benefit the body.

Bravo Probiotic are 42 microbial strains that are cultured on healthy non-homogenized cows or goat’s milk along with 1tsp of powdered Colostrum for each quart of milk cultured into yogurt. The action of these 42 probiotics upon the milk and colostrum results in producing 150 new peptides that did not exist before the culturing. Among these 150 new peptides are the compounds of GcMAF and Rerum. It is the colostrum that is converted to the 150 peptides, GcMAF and Rerum. So each time you make a new batch of Bravo you must add the colostrum to produce these compounds. Two months is the longest you can culture the yogurt before the ratio of bacterial populations changes and you no longer know what you have. You have overgrowth of subpopulations and other populations are lost.

GcMAF is Globulin Component Macrophage Activating Factor. This protein/sugar has been found to dramatically improve macrophage white blood cell activity and power. The role of macrophages is to destroy viruses and tumor cells. Rerum is another chondroitin sulfate compound that has 50X more power to activate the macrophages then GcMAF. The combination of these two powerful immune promoting substances is essential to anyone trying to recover health. The amount of GcMAF and Rerum in the yogurt is directly proportional to the amount of colostrum used to culture the yogurt. The Bravo Probiotic Kit comes with about 1 tsp. of Colostrum along with a foil pouch of probiotic powder. So when making in excess of one quart at a time, you need to add 1tsp to 1Tablespoon of Colostrum powder per each additional quart. I recommend the Colostrum LD.

People with HIV, in one month on Rerum had their CD4 cells raised by 100. With classical anti-retroviral drugs, you expect an increase of 90 cells in 1 year. These people saw an increase of 100 in one month with no side effects. The viral load went down by 100% in one month.

One Doctor in Germany treated a patient with ulcerative colitis that was dying from bleeding. The patient was given a series of i.v. Injections of rerum and the bleeding stopped, which resulted in getting the colitis under control.

One lady that had been operated on 3x for breast cancer and had her breast reconstructed with fat taken from her thigh. This caused damage to the nerves in her thigh, which made it so she could not walk. Rerum was injected into the thigh. Almost overnight the pain was gone and she was able to walk and climb the stairs.

It is also known that GcMAF Inhibits Angiogenesis and Tumor Growth in Mice


Eating Probiotic Rich Yogurt Brings Back Youthful Functions And Features In Mice:

Scientists found that feeding of probiotic bacteria to aged mice induced integumentary changes mimicking peak health and reproductive fitness characteristic of much younger animals. Eating probiotic yogurt triggered epithelial follicular anagen-phase shift with sebocytogenesis resulting in thick lustrous fur due to a bacteria-triggered interleukin-10-dependent mechanism. Aged male animals eating probiotics exhibited increased subcuticular folliculogenesis, when compared with matched controls, yielding luxuriant fur only in probiotic-fed subjects. Female animals displayed probiotic-induced hyperacidity coinciding with shinier hair, a feature that also aligns with fertility in human females.


Friendly Bacteria From Yogurt Proven to Survive The Digestive Process:

WhetherLactobacillus delbrueckiisubsp.bulgaricusandStreptococcus thermophiluscan be recovered after passage through the human gut was tested by feeding 20 healthy volunteers commercial yogurt. Yogurt bacteria were found in human feces, suggesting that they can survive transit in the gastrointestinal tract.

Dr. Marco Ruggiero’s extensive experimentation with Bravo Probiotic revealed that Bravo Yogurt would aid in restoring the gut Microbiome. This then restores 80% of the immune system of the body. Additionally the metabolites of the probiotics feeding on the milk produce plenty of GcMAF. His studies on GcMAF showed a number of biological activities, like the killing of Cancer cells, inhibition of new tumor cell growth and stimulation of macrophages.

Rerum was found in milk and many types of foods. However the strongest effects come from a concentrated form of Rerum delivered by either injection, inhalation or orally.


Bravo has had a very positive effects with Autistic Children.

One woman reported at the Autism One conference in 2015 with Dr. Ruggiero, that her son, after 3 months on Bravo Yogurt was able to go to a normal school. Then after one year on Bravo Yogurt, he is always in the top 90th percentile in results in his class. This child is constantly improving and may need to be put into a class for the specially gifted children. He is moving faster than his peers. The Bravo Yogurt is supplying probiotics needed to grow the brain and all of its connections.

Bravo reconstitutes the human Microbiome in the gut. Our human gut bacteria are transported from gut to lymph nodes, and then the macrophages engulf these bacteria and transport them through the lymph system to the brain. While new in concept it is now known that we do have microbes in our brain, as a normal part of our body’s operational design. These gut bacteria influence the brain development and behavior of neurons and glial cells.

When lymph nodes in the brain become congested, then the metabolic wastes of the brain metabolism build up and cause mental abnormalities from Dementia to Autism. Therefore in order to help people with Neurodegeneration like Dementia or Autism, we need to have a healthy gut flora population. We need to restore the gut Microbiome. This can be done with Bravo Yogurt and in some cases; Bravo Yogurt can be used as suppositories or an enema.

Second you need to unclog the lymph nodes in the neck and brain so that lymph system can drain the toxins out of the brain. The best way to do this is with Bravo held in the mouth for 90 seconds. The bacteria get into the tonsils and activate the immune system locally. The other way to unclog the lymph nodes is to use Rerum. Rerum taken in a nebulizer will work to reduce inflammation and unclog the lymph nodes. Rerum and Bravo will both activate the macrophages so they can carry the good gut microbes into the brain.

Frontiers of Human Neuroscience published Dr. Ruggerio’s article showing the brain has its own Microbiome. The combined effects of Bravo and Rerum can reconstitute the brain Microbiome.

Dr. Bradstreet showed that with injections of GcMAF he had around a 20 to 25% return of an Autistic child to normal. With 50% he had moderate to very good improvement and about 25% did not show any response.

When Dr. Bradstreet began to use Bravo Yogurt and Goleic is saw a shift in the direction of more Autistic kids returning to a state of being symptom free or more kids having significant improvement.

Based on these results, Dr. Ruggiero expects that when using Bravo Yogurt with Rerum that there will be about 30% of Autistic kids becoming symptom free, 50% will show improvement and 20% will be non-responding.


Fatty acids alone can affect or play important roles in immune responses and inflammatory processes. Oleic Acid acts to kill tumor cells.

Thirteen years ago, α-lactalbumin (α-LA) was first reported to form a complex with oleic acid (OA). This complex, called HAMLET (human α-lactalbumin made lethal to tumor cells) was found to be cytotoxic to cancer cells. In HAMLET, α-LA assumes a partially unfolded conformation and can bind Oleic Acid in various molecules. Subsequently, different groups have been able to prepare HAMLET-like cytotoxic complexes in different ways, which all involve the destabilization of α-LA, and a number of different proteins have been able to form similar complexes. This suggests that the ability to form stable complexes with lipids may be a generic feature of the polypeptide chain, although the precise structural and functional details may vary from protein to protein. We review the biophysical and biochemical properties of this class of complexes, focusing on different methods of preparation, complex structure and the role of the protein and the lipid within these complexes. The cellular effects of these complexes are multifaceted and depend on the cell types. There are strong indications that Oleic Acid has an essential role, whereas the protein component, rather than having a toxic effect on its own, functions as a vehicle for transporting the toxic OA to the cells and keeping the OA in solution. Fatty acids alone can affect numerous cellular signaling and metabolic pathways, in addition to playing important roles in immune responses and inflammatory processes. Further studies will aim to determine how the molecular properties of the different protein-lipid complexes correlate with their biological efficacy.


Bravo On The Immune System of Persons with HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis

When your CD4 gets below 400 you have AIDS. This first person had AIDS with a CD4 of: 372, CD8: 206 before consuming the yogurt. After 8 weeks of consuming the yogurt, with no other treatment, the CD4 went up to 853, which is more than double. The CD8 went to 397. This means that this subject could no longer be classified as having AIDS. In case #2 a female had a high CD4 count of 857, but also a high CD8 count of 794, making a 1:1 ratio of CD4:CD8. CD8 suppresses the immune system. After 3 weeks consuming Bravo Yogurt, the CD4 went up to 1279 and the CD8 went down to 640, making a ratio of CD4/CD8: 2:1. This is both a strengthening of the immune system and a balancing of it. Compared to using conventional methods of dealing with AIDS, the average annual increase of CD4 cells after one year of Anti-retroviral-therapy drugs is 90 cells vs. an increase of over 400 or more in 2 months of consuming yogurt.

One case history was a man named Peter, who after 2 ½ months on Bravo Yogurt, his viral load went down from 12,000 to 6,000 and his CD4 cells went up in the 600’s after having been in the upper 400’s.

A Doctor in Thailand had a Hepatitis B with a viral load of the 5 million. About one month after being on Bravo Yogurt, his viral load went down by 90%. A few months later the viral load went down to 20,000, which is a 99% reduction in the Hepatitis B virus.

Autoimmunity is in my opinion is not the body attacking itself, but instead the body attacking tissues that have pathogens in them. If an over active immune system was truly the cause of “Auto Immunity” then taking an immune promoting product like Bravo Yogurt should accelerate the destruction of the tissues in question. When in fact the opposite is the case, people consuming Bravo who have autoimmune diagnosis are improving.

In a rare event in the Tanzania study, they substituted the Yogurt with encapsulated probiotics. Of the 32 women with HIV in the study, 2 of them became HIV negative.

Fractions of chemically oversulphated galactosaminoglycan sulphates inhibit three enveloped viruses: human immunodeficiency virus type1, herpes simplex virus type1and human cytomegalovirus. Chondroitin sulfate is a type of galactosaminoglycan.


The Brain Microbiome:

It is now known that probiotics migrate from the intestinal track into the lymph nodes, where macrophages engulf them and transport them to the brain. These bacteria are released into the brain where they contribute to brain growth and brain chemistry. Again one autistic boy put onto Bravo Yogurt, in 3 months was so normal fermented milk. So with only Bravo Yogurt you have one food that gives an autistic child 4 of the top nutrients known to positively impact children with Autism.

By feeding yourself or a child with autism, Bravo Yogurt, you are feeding your gut the ability to

One World Whey Protein

One World Whey Protein

restore the brain Microbiome and reduce the inflammation and support lymphatic movement. These probiotics are cells of the brain. Now intelligencethat he began to attend a normal school. After 12 months his brain development exceeded most of the peers of his class, as he was in the 90th percentile of this class.

So both pathogenic and beneficial bacteria migrate into the brain to contribute to health or disease. If you have congestion of the lymph nodes in the brain, then toxins will build up and damage the brain. In autopsies of persons with AIDS bacteria were found in the brain that did not cause infection or inflammation. Scientists have concluded that the capacity for bacteria to influence brain function is immense.

Gut Microbiome affects Autistic Kids for better or worse. Microbes in the gut can alter or determine oura eating behavior. In a study done in China, a boy who was fed a natural diet his whole life, had a MacDonald’s hamburger put in front of him to see if he would eat it. He showed no interest and left the hamburger alone. Then they gave him a fecal transplant, from someone who had been eating MacDonald’s food. Then they repeated the experiment and put the MacDonald’s hamburger in front of him and he ate it. Microbes influence the way we think and what we crave.

Microbes are cells of the brain, just like neurons and glial cells. Microbes are as important as neurons and glial cells. Microbes arrive to the brain through the immune system and the nerves. The microbes that you have in the intestine are the microbes that you have in the brain. It is obvious that you want to have good microbes in your brain; therefore, you want to have good microbes in your gut. You want a functioning immune system inside your brain as well as a functional lymphatic drainage; so that the lymph can flow down from the brain to the routes of detoxification.

The protocol to restore the Microbiome is to consume Bravo Yogurt and keep your lymphatic system moving and draining. Dr. Ruggerio also recommends a ketogenic diet for best results. By holding a mouthful of Bravo Yogurt in your mouth 90 seconds or more and gargling with it, you are bringing the effects of Bravo in contact with the lymphoid tissue in the mouth and tonsils. This activates the immune cells in these tissues, which supports the brain Microbiome and healing of the brain.

It has been proven that when human neuron cells are fed probiotics from Bravo Yogurt in a petri dish, the brain cells grew and branched together. Normally microbes are considered the enemies of biology. But these are friendly microbes. If you put pathogenic microbes like E. coli, unto the brain cells in the petri dish they are killed.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosis actives the Runx2 gene. Activation of the Runx2 gene increases brain function. Lactobacillus Rhamnosis is a component of Bravo Probiotic.

Substances that have a positive effect on Autism are Carnitine, Probiotics, Carnosine and Sulforaphane. Carnitine and Carnosine are found in milk and fermented milk. Sulforaphane is also a glycosaminoglycan, like chondroitin sulfate is also found in is directly linked to the Microbiome of the gut.


Probiotic Formula Reverses Cow’s Milk Allergies By Changing Gut Bacteria In Infants:

Research from Roberto Berni Cananiand his team at the University of Naples Federico II showed that infants with cow’s milk allergy who are fed formula containing a form of the milk protein casein, supplemented with the probiotic bacterial speciesLactobacillus rhamnosus GG(LGG),develop tolerance to cow’s milkat higher rates than those treated with a non-probiotic formula.

Now, a new study published todayinThe ISME Journalby scientists from the University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory and Canani’s team in Naplesshows that the gut bacteria of infants who developed tolerance after treatment with the probiotic formula showed significant differences from those who remained allergic.

The newly tolerant infants had higher levels of several strains of bacteria that produce short chain fatty acids, such as butyrate, which help maintain homeostasis in the gut. The discovery of bacteria that drive tolerance to problem foods like cow’s milk could be crucial to developing new treatments to help children with food allergies.



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