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When Detox is Dangerous: Cellular and Heavy Metal Detox Done Right

The people of Africa have a saying that before one can have authority, one must first experience victory. Having battled and emerged victorious over a debilitating battle with chronic fatigue syndrome, Dr. Daniel Pompa, D.C., has embraced his God-given mission to assist others who face similar challenges.

Dr. Pompa has established his practice on a firm and proven conviction that the crisis of modern-day allopathic medicine is the sad result of physicians chasing symptoms with medication rather than addressing the root cause of disease. His patients receive treatment based on the fact that God created the human body with the ability to heal itself when interferences such as metal toxicity, poor nutrition, and subluxations are removed.

Show Highlights:

-Dr. Pompa tells us about his issues and recovery from heavy metal toxicity

-Metal in the mouth and root canals should be 2 of the first problems to address

-Letting go of the dogma that disease is hereditary

-The 5 Rs of true cellular healing. Click here for more information from his website

-Turning off bad genes with methyl groups

-Chlorella for detoxing? Dr. Pompa explains why he sees no benefit

-Redistributing heavy metals when chelating incorrectly

-True chelators: DMPS, DMSA

-Why it’s extremely important to work with a practitioner when approaching chelation

-Amalgam illness takes 30 years to accumulate; don’t expect to chelate it overnight; if it comes out too quickly, you could die

-Preparing the body for chelation: Dr. Pompa tells us which pathways need support

-Vitamin C is good to take , but it won’t take heavy metals from deeply within the tissues

-The #1 way we get lead is from our mothers during pregnancy

-How much benefit can we get from sweating in infrared saunas?

-How Dr. Pompa came up with his protocol

-Oxidation vs. anti-oxidation

-Dr. Pompa could never get rid of his candida overgrowth until he got the heavy metals out. He explains why

-Good dairy and non dairy ideas for probiotics

-Insomnia and heavy metals

and so much more!



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dr dan pompa on heavy metal detox, june 5, 2014

'FROM THE ARCHIVES: Dr. Dan Pompa – Detox Done Right – June 5, 2014' have 2 comments

  1. June 10, 2014 @ 11:25 am james

    Very informative. Please have dr. Pompa on again to discuss Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and how he overcame it. Thank you


  2. March 10, 2022 @ 11:08 pm Petrina McDaniels

    Chelation therapy does miracle work. I’ve personally known about it for 26 years now
    My mother-in-law(nurse) had Chelation therapy back in 1995-96 but she didn’t have it to remove metals (as I know that’s what it is FDA approved for) she actually had it done for clogged arteries and it worked miracles for her as she was told in 1992(age42) after having a heat attack her arteries was so clogged that if she had quadruple bypass done her heart would’ve went into shock from it having to work so hard for so long it would over work after bypass surgery and she’d probably go into cardiac arrest so she didn’t have the surgery so with her being a nurse from WV where they require continuing education to keep their nursing license she learned about chelation therapy then and found a dr that would give it to her I think she went every 2 weeks for IV treatment for a few mths then a few mths off and so on for 2 years she had a rare genetic disorder that caused her body to produce cholesterol her cholesterol and triglycerides was always extremely high to where the dr’s would be speechless but after chelation therapy she was just fine she just recently passed away at the age of 71 and still after chelation therapy she didn’t take very good care of herself as she was a heavy cigarette smoker and abused crack cocaine for the past 18 years … and yes ik the FDA would never approve it for such a thing as heart blockages they would definitely be at a loss in money but I’m thankful to know this lil secret and thank you for making it easier for people to get


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