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Dr. David Jubb

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Our favorite frugivore visited us for our monthly dose of great ideas to improve our health. We discussed:

-How a simple exercise using your morning spit can show the acidity or alkalinity of the body

-What the calcium-phosphate ratio in food should be

-How cutting down on the amount of animal and dairy foods can cut your risk of cancer

-What your poop should look like

-What exactly is a frugivore anyway?

-Runaway Sugars and how they disturb cell regeneration

-Clearing away sticky mucus

-What’s wrong with eating bananas and dates?

-What does Dr. Jubb think of nut milks?

-Wonderful Manitoba grass seed

-Using citric acid, sodium bi-carbonate and malic acid to help block mold, fungus and yeast in the blood

and so much more!

October 4, 2011

Dr. Jubb is an expert on nutrition, an author, lecturer, shaman and one of the world’s top naturalists. He is a physiologist, microscopist and blood formation specialist. He conducts trainings and seminars around the world on cleansing, vitality, diet and fitness. His prime-time television show, “The Universe Inside Our Mind”, has been running on Manhattan cable for over a decade.

For the past 40… years, he has been an innovator in the field of neurology, language, communication, gender roles, nutrition, blood formation, and is a founder of colloidal biology which is the understanding of life below the level of the cell.

Dr. Jubb is renowned around the world for his ability to “read the body like a book” and has been a pioneer in non-surgical, non-druggist approaches to healing through vitalization. He promotes LIFEFOOD, which is distinct from raw or living foods in that it still has it’s lifeforce (a measurable biophotonic energy) intact, its ability to reproduce, and can be found growing somewhere in the wild.

Order Dr. Jubb’s products @ 212.353.5000

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'Dr. David Jubb – Sticky Mucus, Poop and Spit: Reflecting the State of Your Health – October 4, 2011' have 3 comments

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  2. October 7, 2011 @ 3:16 am andy

    With all the respect to Dr. Jubb, to say that human has 15L of blood I thinks is crazy and questions his integrity. An average human being has about 5L of blood. Also he seems do not have a clue how to estimate total sugar in the blood stream.
    glucose molecular mas is 180g/mol, so if your blood sugar is around 5mmol/l (90 mg/dl), you got 180g/mol*0.005mol/l (5mmol= 0.005 mol) = 0.9g/l so 0.9g/l*5l= 4.5g , which is almost a teaspoon, 1 tsp= 5g.
    Nevertheless the total blood sugar is not so relavant as it is constantly uptaken by the cells, and remember the primary and prefered fule for almost every cell is glucose.

    All fat mixed with carbs and especially fruit will resuult to high blood sugar, it does not matter if it is good fat like coconut or butter , olive oil. They all reduce insulin sensitivity, and that one of the reasons why number of docs cures diabetes simply by telling ppl stop eating fat and get majority of their calories from carbs, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Bernard, Dr. N. Delgado, Dr. Esselstyn reverse clogged arteries with low fat high carb diet.

    Most ppl fails on high fruit diet simply coz they mix it with fat and then sugar goes out of balance and then ppl blame fruits. From your talks I understand that it was the case for you personally Patrick, as you were doing D. WOlfe smoties mixing everything.


  3. November 22, 2011 @ 2:37 pm David King

    David Jubb mentioned we have 15 litres of blood. It is more like 5 litres in an average adult male.


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