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Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Author of The Lethal Dose: Murder By Medicine is No Accident

Dr. Daniels is a former medical doctor who had her medical license suspended due to not prescribing enough drugs and truly healing her patients.
Dr.Daniels is widely considered one of the foremost Alternative Healing Physicians alive today. She graduated from Harvard University with Honors receiving a BA degree. Her education continued at the University of Pennsylvania where she received her Medical Degree (MD) and also attended Wharton where she received her MBA in Health Care Administration.
She practiced medicine for 10 years as a Board Certified Family Practice Physician where she saw first hand the power of Natural Methods.
She has been coaching clients to successfully heal naturally since 1985.
She is the author of the award winning book, Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful?

Dr. Jennifer Daniels

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Show Highlights:

-What’s happening to our men? Dr. Daniels explains why men are becoming feminized and shares ideas on how to get back to being a real man

-Back in the 1800s turpentine was listed as a medicine for kidney problems

-Dr. Daniels tells how can get her free report about candida and getting after it with turpentine. It must be 100% Pure Gum Spirits. If it doesn’t say 100% Pure Gum Spirits, don’t use it!

-Question from a listener:My friend’s doc put him on medication for high blood pressure. It’s a diuretic, causing him to urinate every 20 minutes. He’s not sure why he’s on it, or even if he needs it.How can he know if he needs it and what are possible side effects? Dr. Daniels explains why his chances of benefiting from the medication is only 1%. She tells which lifestyle changes need to be made to bring down blood pressure

-Cholesterol numbers are irrelevant according to Dr. Daniels

-Question from a listener:Dr. Daniels had mentioned HA1c levels on a previous show. Could she please give the range of what an HA1c of a healthy person should be?What should fasting glucose range be for a healthy person?

-Question from a listener:I’m wondering if you can share any info you have about hemorrhoids. Specifically, the reasons someone on a VERY, VERY clean, pure, whole foods diet (90% raw, NOTHING in packages, etc.)—meaning someone who NEVER has to strain at bowel movements and who has 2 or 3 per day. My chiropractor says that liver congestion can create hemorrhoids, but I’d be curious in your views. Dr. Daniels explains how a raw food diet can be surprisingly constipating

-Ideas for reversing hair loss and graying hair

-Is there any way to mitigate the flame retardants in mattresses?

-Question from a listener:Dr Daniels, you have mentioned a few times on the last few shows that an ideal Hb1c (diabetes) for someone on medication to be around 8, I mentioned this to my doctor on my last visit and his reaction was pretty well what I expected, I don’t need to describe I think we all know, I would like to be prepared a little better the next time I see him (every 3 months) so my question to you Dr is: where can I find this article you’re talking about that touches on this subject?

-Question from a listener:In your experience, have any of your patients had their virus-based fatigue eliminated by taking turpentine? I just started taking it twice a week, in the hope it will eventually destroy any viruses that may be draining my energy.

-Becoming aware of the fact that it’s important to get rid of junk in the blood; some so called ‘natural’ supplements may be causing toxic buildup also

-What causes cachexia and how do you cure it?

-What can be done if your hearing is diminishing?

-An approach to take to lose body fat

-Comment from a listener:Dr Daniels is right about parasites being a possible cause of rapid heart beat! It happened to me. Every time I ate my heart beat so forcefully my doctor said my heart cannot withstand it. I took a parasite cleanse and that fixed it! I regained the 30 lbs I had lost in the previous 9 months just from having parasites!

-Ideas for improving adrenal fatigue

and so much more!!

dr jennifer daniels and staying well naturally, january 25, 2016, hour one

'Dr. Jennifer Daniels – What It Takes to Live a Long Life Is Actually Pretty Simple – January 25, 2016' have 6 comments

  1. January 25, 2016 @ 8:09 pm Bill

    Dr. Daniels answered my question about possible virus / fatigue. While I appreciate her attempt at a reply, I’m puzzled and confused by her answer. I’m writing the following in case there were others who share my fatigue issue, and need some further (more accurate) information.

    First she spoke of there being no “NO deadly viruses”. I NEVER implied, in any way, that I was dealing with anything “deadly”. I never even mentioned the word, or anything like it.

    Her waving off any possibility of a virus causing fatigue is very… surprising. How about the EBV virus, for one of many examples?
    So Mono doesn’t cause fatigue??

    Her answer about my fatigue being diet based, while certainly possible, is unlikely. I eat only organic, free range and grass fed. My immune system has always been strong.

    By the way… She suggested Googling “deadly virus” to find out that there’s no such thing. I will let the reader determine the validity of this statement, by viewing the search results:

    While we’re asking Google, here are results for search “fatigue” and “virus”:

    I mean no disrespect by the above statements. Just attempting to clarify and improve upon the doctors reply.


  2. January 26, 2016 @ 3:52 am bernard

    Always a pleasure to have Dr. Daniels on the show!
    Patrick, how about making Dr. Daniels, One Radio Network’s monthly regulars?


    • January 26, 2016 @ 3:33 pm One Radio

      She is a monthly regular Bernard; she comes on the 4th Monday of each month ;-)


  3. January 29, 2016 @ 9:41 am Rich

    Bill, sadly even though your are trying your best relative your diet…..the reality is, GLYPHOSATE is saturating all food at this point, MAJOR ISSUE. Secondly, she is correct relative to “viral theory”, as stated. Do you have a smart meter on your home ??, as this is most likely A MAJOR FACTOR..
    Specifically pay attention at the 21-30 min mark


    • February 1, 2016 @ 5:52 pm Bill

      Hi Rich — Thanks for your input. I don’t agree the good doctor is correct (in the ways I previously pointed out). No, I don’t have a smart meter. And I don’t agree that “all” food is saturated with glyphosate (IMO, that is an overstatement) — though I DO agree it is a MAJOR health crisis — that everyone needs to be aware of. I do all I can to eat only the best organic produce, etc.


  4. February 3, 2016 @ 11:44 am cab

    Be sure to catch the House of Numbers documentary online — find out how we all got scammed again with another fake virus — that being the HIV virus. Nobody has ever seen it, or isolated it, or cultured it, or taken a picture of it. The invisible virus that produces the exact same antibodies for 100 or more different diseases. So now we can lump a whole bunch of disesases under one title called “HIV-AIDS.” That includes millions of Africans who are suffering from malnutrition, malaria, contaminated water — just label it “AIDS” and the U.S. will agree to send grant money to help out.

    Flu virus? Yeah, sure. Line up and take your flu shot. Nobody knows what’s in those shots, except that the people who line up are the first ones to get really sick from one thing or another and die early.

    Quite obviously, the people who run this planet are trying to scare us into lining up for their poisons, to pay trillions into the System for it all, and thankfully Dr. Daniels is around to talk some sense, some truth and reality, about the whole evil scam being played on mankind.

    I just wish Dr. Daniels would not hold back on telling the whole truth on just how fake this whole HIV virus really is. Forget the stats. Just tell how it was invented literally out of thin air, that it’s as much a fairy tale as Santa Claus is, and there are millions of poor people going into hospitals with pneumonia or TB or other diseases and coming out diagnosed with HIV and their lives ruined, signed up to take horrible drugs that desetroy them body, mind and soul, to the tune of $1500 a month at taxpayer expense. $CAM much?


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