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Dr. Jennifer Stagg

Naturopathic Physician & Author of Unzip Your Genes

By understanding your unique gene structure, you can take control of your health and future and bring balance into your life.
In this interview you will:
• Understand how the environment and your genes interact.

• Learn how to use your own genetic information to your advantage.
• Create an actionable plan based on your genomics to radically transform your health and improve your vitality.
• Discover how to improve your health span and lead a productive, happy and healthy life.
Dr. Jennifer Stagg is an experienced physician and expert in Precision Medicine—an emerging approach for disease prevention that takes into account an individual’s genes, environment, and lifestyle. In Unzip Your Genes Dr. Stagg provides insight on how you can take practical steps that can radically transform the state of your health and well-being.

Dr. Stagg is a practicing naturopathic physician and is the founder and medical director of Whole Health Wellness Center in Connecticut. Dr. Stagg is a sought-after speaker and medical contributor and has appearedon NBC, ABC and CBS.


Show Highlights:

-Autoimmune disease links back to gut health. Issues with leaky gut, microbial imbalance.

-Changing our environment changes how our genes get expressed.

-Mediterranean diet can affect if diabetes gets expressed.

-Researchers have found 2 genes predisposing for obesity and diabetes.

-Saliva test for a 75 gene wellness panel. Enables matching a person’s diet to their genes and determining their best exercise type.

-Some people intolerant of US wheat products can eat European wheat flours.

-In celiac disease, exposure to wheat destroys the intestinal lining. Can have celiac disease even with minimal symptoms.

-Elevated cortisol levels causes storing of fat in the belly. Also tags DNA and affects how genes are expressed.

-Often we can’t change our stressors, but we can change how we respond to external stressors.

-Look for a sustainable eating plan. Health impacted not only by diet, but also stress, activity, and mindset.

-Methylation affects neurological processes and also how the body detoxifies.

-Tissues can be inflammed without showing up in blood tests like the CRP.

-How does the 23andMe test differ from Dr. Stagg’s gene test?

-DNA in both genders can get damaged over time from oxidation.

-SIBO and gluten can cause leaky gut. Elemental diet is best treatment for SIBO, also herbal antimicrobials.

-High fat content of a true paleo diet can be problematic for some people.

-Where do vaccinations fit into genetics? Detox and methylation issues.

and more!!

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