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New Age Author and Inventor

patrick-flanaganPatrick Flanagan is an American New Age author and inventor. He has written books focused on Egyptian sacred geometry and Pyramidology. He holds several patents as an inventor.He is also known for developing a method of drawing the geometrically complicated Sri Yantra.

During the 1970s, Dr. Flanagan was a proponent of pyramid power. He wrote several books and promoted it with lectures and seminars. According to Flanagan, pyramids with the exact relative dimensions of Egyptian pyramids act as “an effective resonator of randomly polarized microwave signals which can be converted into electrical energy.” One of his first books, Pyramid Power, was featured in the lyrics of The Alan Parsons Project album, Pyramid.

In 1958, at the age of 14, Flanagan invented the Neurophone, which he said transmitted sound via the nervous system to the brain. Life magazine called him a “unique, mature and inquisitive scientist”. In 1968, the invention was improved by the development of a means of simplifying speech waveforms, for which he received a patent.

In 1982, Flanagan and his wife, Gael Crystal, were credited with the discovery of a new form of colloidal silica, known as a microcluster, in the glacial water consumed by the Hunza people of northern Pakistan. The Flanagans then sold a product utilizing the microclusters called Crystal Energy (the ingredients are water, silica, potassium carbonate, and magnesium sulfate), which they say lowers the surface tension of drinking water.

Show Highlights:

-Dr. Flanagan tells us why he decided to start eating meat after being vegan for so long; he now eats all kinds of foods and feels great

Master amino Acidexplained:Provides 8 essential amino acids for building protein;Is the most effective protein supplement for building muscle and bone;Promotes fast recovery after hard training;Increases energy levels;Supports a healthy immune system. Is a great source of protein during weight-loss

-Dr. Flanagan worked for the government as a teenager; he tells us of his experiences

-The importance of iodine and how it works

-Joseph, a listener and writer, calls in to talk about Pyramid Power

-The healing properties of water; turning ordinary water into extraordinary water with Crystal Energy

-Grounding the body by walking on the ground without shoes; the Indians intuitively knew the importance of grounding

-Releasing negative ionized hydrogen gas from the body

-A listener is looking for a Neurophone and cannot find one to purchase; Dr. Flanagan tells us what they are and why they’re hard to find

-Comments and a few questions from a listener:Quick questions for Dr Flanagan but before that, let me say I acquired the Megahydrate and Crystal Energy products after hearing about them during a Patrick podcast 6 weeks ago and have been using them religiously since. The recommendation was Megahydrate was an excellent way to structure water. What I have to say is the products are Terrific. Have found and I do mean dramatic, excellent hydration. Taste is excellent. But going further, have found it absolutely
stimulates, enhances, the absorption of co-supplements when taken together. Have seen obvious changes to our skin, as in suppleness, softness, healthy skin. And just overall feeling better since adding
Megahydrate and Crystal Energy. And this is saying something as my wife is a liver transplant, has incurred 6 total joint replacements along the way, experiences chronic pain… and these products have created an noticeable upswing in several ways. And this is NOT easily attained given
her constitution. Very impressed with these products.

Quick questions are:is it okay to mix Megahydrate and Crystal Energy together, at the same time?

Is it okay to take Megaydrated water and carbonate it?Is it okay to combine Megahydrate water and colloidal silver, or iodine?

Finally, any recommendations to further ‘structure’ water beyond the use of Megahydrate and/or Crystal Energy.

Dr. Flanagan responds to all questions above

-We ask Dr. Flanagan aboutreversing rheumatoid arthritis and the terrible pain it brings

-Ideas for increasing IQ

-We ask Dr. Flanagan about the damage we may be getting from WiFi and cell phone towers

-Comment from a listener:I bought the $800 neurophone and the first night I used it was wild – huge, beautiful dreams of past lives. I recommend it highly. It’s not working as well as it did when I first bought it, is there a way to tweak it again?

Dr Flanagan had a machine that he was using on youtube to knock out all free radicals at once — any plans to make this avail to public? Love your work!

-Question from a listener:Does Patrick Flanagan have any favorite ways to deal with detoxifying fluoride from the water supply and the body?

-Making 4th phase water in the body with a FIR sauna

and so much more!!!!

dr patrick flanagan on water, scaler, pyramids and much more, december 15, 2015, hour one

'Dr. Patrick Flanagan – Secrets of Water: The Key to All Life – December 15, 2015' have 2 comments

  1. December 22, 2015 @ 4:55 pm Ana

    Shame I missed the show. I have a question about Crystal Energy.
    If it chelates heavy metals, how does it? Does it bind to ???? for excretion?
    What if one is full of free radicals, hopeless case, detoxificaation pathways does not work,
    everything such as sweating, sitting in the sun, etc.. worsens symptoms? Thanks


  2. December 23, 2015 @ 9:26 pm Oriana

    Great interview as always, Patrick. Flanagan is a treasure trove of knowledge! Did the woman who said she found jeweler’s rouge for $10 a pound send you the link like she said? Please share if so….thanks! And I hope Josh who did the film about EMF dangers gets word of Patrick’s paint trick, what a great solution to smart meters.


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