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Dr. Patrick VickersDr. Patrick Vickers is the Director and Founder of the Northern Baja Gerson Clinic. His mission is to provide patients with the highest quality and standard of care available in the world today for the treatment of advanced (and non-advanced) degenerative disease. His dedication and commitment to the development of advanced protocols has led to the realization of exponentially greater results in healing disease. Dr. Vickers, along with his highly trained staff, provides patients with the education, support, and resources to achieve optimal health.
While a student at New York Chiropractic College(NYCC), Dr. Patrick befriended Charlotte Gerson, the last living daughter of Dr. Max Gerson, M.D. who Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dr. Albert Schweitzer called, ” One of the most eminent geniuses in medical history. “
Dr. Gerson, murdered in 1959, remains the most censured doctor in the history of medicine as he was reversing virtually every degenerative disease known to man, including TERMINAL cancer.
Upon graduating from NYCC in 1997, Dr. Patrick went on to study the Gerson Therapy directly under Charlotte Gerson at her home in San Diego, California. While living with Charlotte, Dr. Patrick spent several months going through Dr. Gerson’s handwritten files of all his active patients from 1910-1959; files that Charlotte has kept in her home to this day. Included in those files were hundreds of handwritten letters from Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, to Dr. Max Gerson. Schweitzer and Gerson were best friends after Gerson cured Schweitzer’s wife, Helena, of terminal tuberculosis when she had just 3 months to live.
Gerson also cured Schweitzer, himself, of severely advanced diabetes, in SIX weeks, eight years before Schweitzer won the Nobel Prize.
After several months of studying Dr. Gerson’s files, and several more months interning at the Gerson Clinic, Dr. Patrick opened chiropractic and Gerson clinics in Peru, Guatemala and Mexico before returning to the United States, in 2008, to open up this non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on the Gerson Therapy.
Since that time, Dr. Patrick has been travelling around the world lecturing at international embassies, Latin American medical schools and other miscellaneous venues.

Show Highlights:

We’re certain you’ll find this to be one of our most fascinating shows on not only dealing with cancer, but on doing a coffee enema the correct way.

-Why all coffee enemas are not equal

-Why are coffee enemas so important in cancer therapy?

-Yes, you can do too many coffee enemas and they can hurt the body badly; Dr. Vickers explains how

-Ditching sodium: Dr. Vickers explains why sodium should be avoided from the salt shaker and only taken in through fresh vegetables

-Why juicing plays a vital role in getting well

-Addressing the alkaline/acidity question and how animal foods contribute to disease

-Putting the cost of this therapy in perspective: Dr. Vickers explains the pricing and shows us why it’s not that expensive after all, actually costing a fraction of drugs, radiation and chemotherapy

and so much more.

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dr ken vickers and the gerson diet, july 24, 2014

'Dr. Patrick Vickers – Gerson Therapy: Reversing Cancer with Coffee Enemas and Fresh, Organic Juice and More – July 24, 2014' have 7 comments

  1. July 25, 2014 @ 11:35 am charles

    another Chiropractic curing cancer. lol


  2. July 25, 2014 @ 11:05 pm Ben

    Hi Patrick,
    how do we reconcile the fact that Tony P recommends the use of salt andDr Patrick V points to the dangers of Salt supplementation..
    thanks for the Radio show.


  3. July 26, 2014 @ 6:48 pm bruce

    I buy my organic coffee for enemas from this company they make it specifically for the enenma industry.


  4. July 26, 2014 @ 6:50 pm bruce

    great company for organic coffee for enemas


  5. July 27, 2014 @ 7:36 pm van

    Patrick, I think you’re doing your listeners a dis-service by not going deeper into what may or may not be the truth behind Gerson therapy. First, the original Gerson therapy incorporated many ounces of raw calves liver juice,, not even mentioned by you or Victor. Victor goes on to make such a claim about meat not being able to heal…. Why aren’t you in there asking more about sources of meat, amounts eaten (yes excess protein is acid forming, and cooked meat will contain damaged proteins which is toxic), history of hunter gatherers living quite healthy, not to mention the copious amounts of liver juice used originally. Which brings up the more important concept of why didn’t you ask him about how many of his patients go on and maintain such a restricted diet, and how many fall off? And has he studies as to how those patients are doing? Why not ask him to answer in detail what he will eat today (since he was on the road for his son’s golf tournament? Most likely he’s like the myriad of health guru’s that preach one thing and eat differently.
    It’s not difficult to get cancer to go into remission,,, chemo does that routinely, but it’s the long term health and the ability of the ‘patient’ to go on and find a diet that they can actually follow and one that builds long term health. Also not mentioned is the assumably incredibly high sugar that must come from drinking all this juice, and what are the long term health effects. Most other raw clinics have moved away from fruit as a means to heal cancer, for various reasons including cancer’s affinity to sugar even from fruit. Then of course there are the related sugar related questions that could have been asked such as insulin resistance, blood sugar levels etc..
    Patrick you let your guests get away with too much. For without even posing the questions many of your new to the the health field listeners will too readily believe wholeheartedly and not have the background to inquire deeper.


  6. August 19, 2014 @ 7:03 am Mary Lynn


    I really have to applaud you for your selection of guests on your show. I listen when I can and download many shows afterward.

    Today I listened to Dr. Vickers and enjoyed his program but I have to genuinely question his belief that meat is quite unhealthy. He seems to ignore the fact that we are omnivores, not herbivores, with a proclivity toward a carnivorous physiology. I harken back to Weston A. Price’s research of vibrantly healthy people who ate mostly meat and animal fat (e.g. Eskimos)and who were free of dental problems and chronic disease.

    I don’t believe we have yet evolved to be mostly fruit and vegetable eaters since we still have a monogastric system. Just sayin.

    Now, I do value Dr. Vicker’s experience in helping restore health in those who are experiencing serious issues but I don’t agree with this being the way to PREVENT chronic disease.

    My opinion only. BTW – The China Study has been called in to question very effectively by the Weston A. Price group and so using this as a basis for supporting a vegetarian diet is likely not strong evidence.

    Thanks for all you do!


  7. September 8, 2014 @ 1:49 pm Jon

    If you want to understand and learn Gerson Therapy listen to Charlotte Gerson directly on YouTube as she lectures. I’ve heard that Vickers has changed or modified aspects of Gerson Therapy, and that his clinic is not approved by The Gerson Institute


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