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Dr. Massey MD, a practitioner of natural and holistic medicine, joins Patrick once a month to take calls and emails from our listeners giving ideas on issues of health and wellbeing.

After the silliness subsides between Dr. Massey and Patrick….wait…no, it never subsides, Dr Massey addresses the following topics and more!

-Dr. Massey loves his emWave machine from Heartmath and gives a detailed explanation of how it works

-It’s Aunt Helens job to push your buttons

-Brian wants to know how he can start getting off his meds. And what about energy healing? Could it be of help?

-Conscious Sedation- Whoa…how can you do that?

-How to dose Lithium and which form to take

-Veterans and their exposure to Agent Orange and a massive amount of vaccinations. The best things to do to help detox from them

-We can’t heal if we’re in fear

-Cancer-Shrinking a tumor doesn’t mean anything for survival. Dr. Massey talks about chemotherapy and why it doesn’t work and gives great resources to find patient advocates

-Green Smoothies vs. Green Juices…

-Want to get rid of your cravings for carbs? Eat more fat!

-Gut flora and coffee enemas. Keep up with your pro-biotics

-Why should you salt your beverages in the summertime?

-Optimizing blood coagulation

-Zinc and healthy fat for dry skin and itchy legs

-What could cause low vitamin D?

Contact Dr. Massey at 830.990.2924 and also at [email protected]

Dr. Massey is now offering analysis of your blood regardless of where you live. It is a dried blood/matrix assessment. This provides and overview of health risk factors, such as heavy metals; hormone imbalances; free radical/antioxidant balance etc .Get more details by telephoning Dr. Massey or emailing him.

Click below to link to a video that shows you what you’ll be doing when he sends you the kit.

ask dr. massey with richard massey m.d. august 30, 2012, hour one

'Dr. Richard Massey, MD – A Good Heart is Better than All The Heads in the World – August 30, 2012' have 4 comments

  1. September 2, 2012 @ 5:08 am Trevor

    “After the silliness subsides between Dr. Massey and Patrick….wait…no, it never subsides”

    EXACTLY. Dr Massey’s persistent, affected and, at times, psychotic laughing episodes totally ruin his podcasts and Patrick just eggs him on. Totally un-listenable. Will avoid this speaker in future.

    These shows should be educational and to-the-point, not drunken bar-room brawls.


    • September 2, 2012 @ 7:19 am skg

      Hmmmm….for some reason, Doc Massey has more listeners than ever. Seems you need a good laugh Trevor, try it, I promise it won’t hurt.


      • September 5, 2012 @ 8:01 pm James

        Love this format, enlightening, fun, learning, thanks Patrick, thanks Doc. Listen to you every month.


  2. September 6, 2012 @ 8:43 am Brendan

    Great show, it is always a pleasure to laugh and learn.


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