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Dr. Richard Massey joins us LIVE once a month to take health questions from our listeners. He is an MD practicing Wholistic and Natural Medicine.
Meridian Grace has over 40 years of experience and worked with thousands of clients. Since she was 14 years old, she knew that high quality life includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Tirelessly researching all these years, she integrates the wisdom of the ancients with the most up to date technology. She continually attends workshops, classes, and seminars to explore new ideas and technology in all aspects of the holistic health field. Meridian greets you with a compassionate listening heart.

Massey and Meridian

Show Highlights:

-Ten times more genes in a person’s microflora than in their human DNA. The bugs are telling the brain what to do, and we drop nukes on them.

-Dr. Wally Taylor in Austin. Has UV and a red and green color IV device. Also Live O2 system, which holds 700 liters of oxygen and switches back and forth from 100 to 15% oxygen while you exercise on a bike. Provides alternating stress and relief, whereby the body dumps poisons and accelerates fitness.

-Coinfections such as Lyme Disease keep our body temperatures low. If supplemental thyroid doesn’t bring up a low temp, doing saunas will lead to an increase in body temps because the bad buggies can’t stand normal body temperatures and will leave.

-Fleas left after spraying Doodle’s fur with diluted monatomic silver. Using hydrogen peroxide can help bring up the oxygen level in the body if a person is underoxygenated. Useful adjunct to monoatomic silver.

-Misunderstanding about how to get alkaline. Carbohydrates release insulin in the body, which creates lactic acid, which is what really creates an acid state.

-Best way to get prebiotics is from greens. Prebiotics are fructooligosaccharides. SIBO is when good bacteria from large intestine get into small intestine. Responds to FODMAPS diet; onions and cauliflower are high in FODMAPS. If probiotic is causing discomfort, it may not be die off, may be SIBO.

-Is Zecharia Sichen correct? Have humans been genetically modified by aliens? Gregg Braden notes anomolies in Chromosome 2 and suggests it was fused by cloning in ancient times.

-Alan wants to know how to do a coffee enema. S.A. Wilson coffee is nonroasted and best for enemas. Put 3 TB coffee grounds in a ceramic or glass pot of water, boil, simmer for 15 minutes, cool to body temp. Best to use a silicon bag and tube, which is flexible. Meridian explains high enema procedure. Stimulation of first 6 inches of rectum triggers urge to evacuate. Getting the tube in beyond 6 inches lets you retain the coffee longer. Adding salt and electrolytes helps retention. For a rectal ozone, use 250 ml ozone. The catheter is 1 foot; insert a few inches to a foot.

-Enemas are not natural. If not feeling a benefit, stop doing them. But they support brain and gut function and counter modern day toxicities.

Hour 2

-Spikenard – a crème de la crème essential oil. From Nepal, sold by Living Libations. Used by ancient Egyptians, wealthy Roman women, is a perfume with medicinal healing properties. In biblical times, 1 pint cost an entire year’s wages. Used by Mary Magdalene to anoint Jesus’ feet.

-169 officially recognized autoimmune processes. Dr. Jennifer Daniels says it could be syphilis from vaccines. Call Meridian for syphilitic homeopathic remedies.

-Listener has scarring in colon. Homeopathic silica and homeopathic mustard seed good for removing adhesions and scar tissue. If you have an implant, you don’t want to use them because they’re so effective at getting rid of scar tissue and that holds implants in place. Aloe good – see ORN store. If using the plant, blend the gooey aloe gel with grapefruit and stevia.

-Neem oil – mosquito repellant, repels insects in plants. Used in toothpaste, on hair. Antimicrobial.

-Robert says his blood work shows the hepatitis C is gone and everything is good. Antibody C titers were way high though. So why is he tired? Why are his antibodies high? Blood tests aren’t designed for optimum health. See where albumin and globulin are on the bell curve. “The Autoimmune Fix” by Dr. Thom O’Bryan shows 21 most common autoimmune markers. Good digestion important. Liver issues are resentment issues. Do a resentment list and go over it with someone. Where did I get the resentment from? Brody Barnes basal temperature test: if below 97.8, is low thyroid. If temperatures bounce more than 0.3 degrees, it’s adrenals.

-Song “Sister Rust” by Damon Albarn.

-Jules asks if it would be helpful to take antibiotics for chronic shingles? A virus isn’t affected by antibiotics. Amazing results, when outbreak first starts, by applying DMSO on the lesion, manual lymph drainage, red laser on the lesions. Make counteroffers to the body. Add immunoglobulin to coffee enema. PRP. High Vitamin C dosing. High B12 and B complex – prevent post herpatic neuralgia. B vitamin shot or IVs or sublingual. Anything that is good for nerves. Recall healing – a separation story? Rhus tox homeopathic, because symptoms of shingles are similar to poison ivy.

-Juan asks for recall healing story about poor digestion and fat malabsorption. Take stomach acid with meals, lipase enzymes 20 min. after meals, bile salts with digestive enzymes if gall bladder isn’t working right. If poop isn’t dark, not making enough bile. If not enough stomach acid, gall bladder won’t squeeze hard. Greasy and floating stool – sign of not digesting fat.

-Weakened adrenal glands. Remedies in order of adrenal severity: Salt everything you drink. Take B5, B6, and Vitamin C. Licorice tincture or tea, but it raises bp. Herbal adaptogens – ashwaganda, rhodiola, gingseng. Glandular hormones in the am. Rx Cortisol. Homeopathic cortisol.

-Nature’s Pure Organics – has pure emu oil from Australia. Monoatomic silver, gold, copper.

-Causes of bruxism? Story where someone has to keep their mouth shut. Wear a mouth guard until the story is unraveled. Could be parasites, anxiety issues. Meditation before sleep. Inner smile. Big sigh.

-Cell salts for the skin – silica, Natrum Sulph.

-Stephen Quayle – has talked about the giants who used to walk the earth. Look up Forbidden Archeology – see giant 12 foot and taller intact skeletons. Genetic modification language in sacred South American texts.

Hour 3

-Nancy asks why she gets cramps in the groin after she has an alcoholic drink. Any cramp – look at the direction the muscle is moving. Body is trying to run or jump in response to something. If in the groin, are muscles pulling to close the groin (somebody in the family got unhappily pregnant after drinks) or open (is inviting conception). Or could be low magnesium, potassium, or calcium, or can’t use them effectively. Usually low mag – take Mag. Phos., then potassium, unusual to be calcium.
George asks about cramps in the bottom of the foot. Foot is about mother. High arches – have a painful relationship with mother, want to limit contact with Mother Earth. Flat feet – want to hold on to Mother Earth. Is this an anniversary of a painful experience, or a current painful experience, or a family story?

-Itchy anus? Some type of parasitic issue. Especially if rubbing nose, or irritability on top of the itch. Homemade strong kefir or yogurt applied to the rectal area and perineum. Or could mean you’re not allowed to mark your territory – can’t mark who you are. E.g. a woman born out of wedlock who can’t carry her father’s name. Look for identity issues.

-Listener took antibiotics for an infected tooth and tongue turned black. Can get black hairy tongue from hydrogen peroxide. You’ve hurt too many bacteria in your mouth and you need to get them back.

-Vertigo? Meridian’s was due to an atlas maladjustment. Adjustments by a NUCCA chiropractor and laser helped. Homeopathic remedies. Check ears. Look for story of who would have saved the family if they had stayed put.

-Ascorbic acid Vitamin C versus acerola berry Vitamin C? Whole food complex is ideal way to get vitamins. Ascorbic acid is useful when someone is really sick, but most ascorbic acid is sourced from GMO corn – beware. Buy liposomal Vit C – Meridian likes Empirical Labs liposomal Vitamin C and other products. Or make liposomal vitamin C from acerola cherry and lecithin. Dr. Thomas Levy’s book about Frederick Klinger’s work – “Curing the Incurable”. People recovered from polio, encephalitis, measles, mumps, rubella, rabies with Vit C and/or UV. Don’t need vaccines. Don’t use IV Vit C if you have a G6PD polymorphism. Bowel intolerance from large dose oral Vit C because it’s not bound to fat. Liposomal Vit C doesn’t sit in the bowel – it’s bound to fat and slips through the cell membrane.

-Dr. Massey’s anger reaction to hearing the heart is not a pump. 26 years of school said that was wrong. But learning about the fourth stage of water changed his attitude. Blood coming into the heart travels just as fast as blood leaving the heart. Recall healing aspect – top chambers of heart are feminine aspect because they take in blood, bottom chambers are masculine because they eject blood. The heart is a pump plus so much more. Cosmic aspects to the heart. Heart attacks are actually the healing time for the arteries.

-Julie asks about her hypersomnia and being tired. Goes into REM sleep after lying down for 15 minutes even after a good night’s sleep. Julie has to be the living answer to the greatest suffering of her mother in the first year of her life. How is the fatigue serving Julie in her family system? The brain is bringing the fatigue as an answer.

-Vera asks about fibonacci potentizing of homeopathic remedies. Dr. Joe Rosencwajg in New Zealand developed and teaches it. Former cardiac thoracic surgery, now into gemmotherapy, organotherapy.

-Dr. Massey and Meridian Grace have YouTubes now. See Awakening Health Channel and website.

-Meridian’s story of a bird flying alongside her car passenger window for some distance.

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Dr. Richard Massey M.D. and Meridian Grace with loads of good ideas on health and healing, May 25, 2017 ONE

Dr. Richard Massey M.D. and Meridian Grace with loads of good ideas on health and healing, May 25, 2017 TWO

Dr. Richard Massey M.D. and Meridian Grace with loads of good ideas on health and healing, May 25, 2017 THREE

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