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“Meridian and Dr. Massey are two of my favorite guests. They bring the funny out in Patrick. I love listening to Meridian’s soothing voice and all the laughter.” -Karen S.

Dr. Richard Massey joins us LIVE once a month to take health questions from our listeners. He is an MD practicing Wholistic and Natural Medicine.
Meridian Grace has over 40 years of experience and worked with thousands of clients. Since she was 14 years old, she knew that high quality life includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Tirelessly researching all these years, she integrates the wisdom of the ancients with the most up to date technology. She continually attends workshops, classes, and seminars to explore new ideas and technology in all aspects of the holistic health field. Meridian greets you with a compassionate listening heart.

Massey and Meridian

Show Highlights:

-Meridian is benefiting from Keto//OS from Pruvit, as recommended by anti-aging doctor Dr. Lane Sebring, because of the boost in ketones. See video at for ketone info.

-Patrick’s new grounding setup in the studio is lowering voltage and helping him sleep. Benefit of turning off power to bedroom at night.

-Jules in NY asks about adding ingredients to her homemade chicken soup for fluid retention and breakouts. Broccoli sprouts good for I3C. Herbal diuretic recommendations. Exploring why a body stores fluid for extra protection.

-The ease of growing sprouts in an EasyGreen MikroFarm.

-Question from a listener:Can doctor comment on painting the testicles with iodine to increase testosterone?How does iodine support the prostate? Would a coconut oil/iodine suppository deliver iodine to the prostate and help maintain a healthy prostate? Would there be any effect on the good bacteria in the lower colon?

-Dr. Massey’s blood-matrix testing still on-going.

-Question from a listener:What do the guests think about drinking ginger tea during the day to burn fat? What else is there to do to burn fat if I don’t want to do very high fat in the summer time?

-Brands of homeopathic remedies. Radiation counters. Caution with grounding in urban environments.

-Using ASEA for redox?

-Progesterone replacement for males? A little bit is good, but it competes with testosterone receptors. Estrogen makes prostrate grow. Pine pollen and passion flower are anti-estrogenic. Carbs convert testosterone to estrogen.

-What is the role of estrogen in cancer? Dr. Gonzalez said estrogen helps things grow, helps cells differentiate. I3C and DIM. Different types of estrogen. Dose issues. Wiley protocol of BHRT.

-Amos Miller’s Organic Farm has raw camel and water buffalo milk. Source of organ meat. Court-ordered inspection of his farm last week. Future?

-Frankincense essential oil vs. myrrh – depends on person which is best, use muscle testing.

-What to take after doxycycline for Lyme disease? Recall healing approach. Using homeopathics, MesoSilver colloidal silver. Lyme bacteria isn’t always what causes Lyme symptoms. Incest, molestation, and fibromyalgia. Change the idea of a disease from a noun to a verb.

-Best times to take probiotics? Empty stomach vs. after a meal? Depends on bacteria. Meridian’s favorite, Human Microflora – HMF, is grown on human cells. Different types. Available from ORN store.

-Raynaud’s Disease – an autoimmune condition, is a conflict of devaluation. Affects little arteries. Recall healing interpretations. See Gilbert Renaud’s YouTube on devaluation at

-Question from a listener: I took a Vitamin B Complex 50 for two days, on the second day I felt itchy in random places on my body?What does this say about my stores of B vitamins?I was taking it for some numbness in my toes.

-Dr. Massey and Meridian discuss IT (ileotibial) band issues.

-Question from a listener:What does Dr. Massey think of maca for testosterone production in men?

-Kerotosis pilaris on arms (chicken skin) – need for Vitamin A and healthy fat.

-What causes glaucoma? Recall Healing interpretation. Glaucoma damage with normal eye tension – high pressure at one time?

-Metabolic typing – is oxidative system or autonomic nervous system more dominant? Using emWave2 to measure autonomic balance.

and so much more!!!

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dr richard masse m.d. and meridian grace, july 28, 2016, part one

'Dr. Richard Massey with Meridian Grace – Healing with Love, Laughter, Letting Go, and Living More Naturally – July 28, 2016' have 2 comments

  1. July 29, 2016 @ 2:15 am seb

    meridian grace is such a good name. i think having grace in your meridians is very healthy.


  2. July 30, 2016 @ 5:23 pm Karen Smith

    I just love these two. Always enjoyed Dr. Massey alone, but when he found Meridian his monthly visits went to another level. I also enjoy hearing Patrick’s sense of humor. The three of them laugh so much it’s contagious.


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