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Dr. Stephanie Seneff

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What Statins Really Are and Why They Don’t Work

Stephanie Seneff, PhD, is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She has a Bachelor’s degree from MIT in biology with a minor in food and nutrition, and her PhD from MIT is in computer science. Dr. Seneff is the first author of several recently published papers on theories proposing that dietary deficiencies in critical nutrients such as sulfur, taurine, zinc, cobalamin, choline, etc., as well as insufficient sun exposure, compounded by chronic exposure to multiple environmental toxins, can explain many modern diseases/conditions, such as autism, heart disease, obesity, asthma, gastrointestinal disorders, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. She has also spoken on these topics in several youtube videos as well as in radio interviews and at conferences on nutrition and health both in the U.S. and internationally.

Show Highlights:

-Cholesterol: Why it’s arguably one of the body’s most important molecules. Why it’s there, what it does and how it helps

-There’s no reason to mess with the liver and its making of cholesterol

-Cholesterol is protective in the plaque

-The real demons: Sugars and carbs

-Why statin drugs cause muscle pain and weakness

-Statins and sexual function

-Lack of sunlight: The big reason we’re all sick

-Dr. Seneff explains why she doesn’t take vitamin D or any other supplement

-Statin drug use ages the body more quickly

-Why do we all have a sulfur deficiency?

-Aluminum, vaccinations and childhood diseases

-An interesting tidbit of information for women who shave their underarms. Maybe that hair is doing a job and there for a reason

-Good food sources for sulfur

-How do you get a loved one off of statins? Very slowly

-The link between statins and prostate cancer

-Foods containing cholesterol are very, very healthy foods

-Why consuming high cholesterol foods can lower your cholesterol

and so much more!



dr stephanie seneff on statins and sulfates, october 1, 2013

'Dr. Stephanie Seneff -Getting Older Faster: What Statin Drugs Really Are and Why They Don’t Work – October 1, 2013' have 5 comments

  1. October 4, 2013 @ 9:42 am cab

    This is revolutionary stuff she’s telling us. The part about her using epsom salts baths for the sulfate and not the magnesium was a stunner. We’ve been told sulfates are poison, and people are agitating to get it out of the shampoos, etcetera. But her message is the sulfates are the big kahuna our bodies are not getting thanks to the glyphosate that’s in so much of the food, also our water, and is preventing the sulfates from doing their job, and so we must get sulfates through sunlight or by putting it on our skin, and from food if we are able to absorb sulfates now that we’ve all been poisoned.

    Mind blowing. Did I get this right?


    • November 11, 2013 @ 9:51 pm mark

      You’re misunderstanding Dr. Seneff’s statements.

      Dr. Seneff is espousing the benefits of ORGANIC sulfur (such as sulfur found in organic radishes/curciferous veggies/organic sulfur sold by Patrick Timpone). The sulfates found in shampoos etc and even commercial MSM, are totally inorganic and detrimental to the body.

      Much in the same way that one could promote the benefits of Vitamin C…it should not be misunderstood as ascorbic acid (inorganic vit C) being beneficial


  2. October 4, 2013 @ 9:51 am cab

    If our bodies are not capable of absorbing sulfates the normal way through our food (thanks to the poisoned Roundup Ready food including the wheat which is sprayed with it before harvest, horrors!) — if we can’t absorb this vital nutrient from our food, we must then try to get sulfates through our skin — meaning sunlight which will produce sulfates on our skin, or get sulfates from applying something to our skin with sulfates or by soaking in something with sulfates (like epsom salts).

    Yikes. This is scary news. I am surrounded by cornfields, so I’m sure the glyphosate is in my well water, and that I’m breathing the stuff, and it means all the nutrients and vitamins and supplements I’m taking are nullified.

    My recommendation to anybody is to try to get out of the country (Vilcabamba, Equador?). Why would anybody want to live in this God-forsaken country where everybody is sick and everything has been poisoned, including the water and the bread and the vegetables and fruit. What’s left? The meat is poisoned too. Modern “science so-called” as the Bible refers to it.


  3. October 7, 2013 @ 9:59 pm paul hill

    When I heard that Statin was on the menu this week I thought “Oh, how boring” but I thought that I’d better have look as one drug and it’s action, side effects etc. throws light on another and one learns more biochemistry, endocrinology etc. at the same time Well I’m glad now that I did, One side effect that struck me was type 2 diabetes, 2 presumably being associated with weight gain. Now the diagnostic test of diabetes is as good as useless, 1.75 grammes of glucose per Kg of body weight taken at 9 am after a fast from the previous evening and after taking the first blood test, then one EACH HOUR, three all up. Now I’ve done quite a few 5 hr GTT’s and I found that I HAD to do a test each 15 minutes to start off or miss the peak. One woman I tested went from around 6.5 to SIXTEEN then fell to a low of 4 (a 400% fall) in a bit over an hour and had glucose in her urine. Ok, the standard test will detect glucose in urine but that peak is every bit as important as far as arteriosclerosis is concerned because the arteriosclerosis of diabetes is every bit as much about hyperglycaemia as it is about hypercholestertolemia. It called non-enzymatic glycosation of protein, glucose acting like a glue binding to proteins on epithelial cells lining blood vessels and trapping cholesterol in this glue.

    Now looking at the metabolic pathways the central molecule is acetyle Co enzyme A or acetyl CoA (vinegar with an enzyme) the CENTRAL molecule of all major metabolic pathways in almost all cells. Ethanol (alcohol) is converted to acetyle Co A (via acetaldehyde), as are ketones from the breakdown of fatty acids. But the liver doesn’t import fatty acids to convert to ketones except with ketosis. However, look up what’s called the glycolytic pathway and you’ll see glucose coming in from one side, Here it can go up to be synthesised to glycogen, the storage form of glucose. Come back down to acetyle CoA and it can enter the TCA or citric acid cycle to make energy in the form of ATP, as well as intermediate molecules in the TCA cycle. But too much acetyle CoA into the TCA cycle and citric acid builds up and it inhibits glycolysis,

    But what happens if glycogen stores are topped to the brim, made worse by liver pathology limiting storage and no more energy production is needed other than a base level to keep the cell running. There is ONLY one way out, turn acetyle CoA into cholesterol. So the synthesis of excess cholesterol is a BLOOD SUGAR REGULATING MECHANISM. Block it and up goes blood glucose, DIABETES. To me this is one of those examples where the body has to choose between two undesirable outcomes hyperglycaemia or hypercholesterolemia both of which gunk blood vessels, however hyperglycaemia means very high osmotic blood pressure, so the body chooses the cholesterol outcome. What the patient has to do is dramatically cut back on the sugar intake and chuck the statin down the loo.


  4. December 2, 2013 @ 6:49 pm Annie

    How does one living in the Northeast get sufficient sun exposure when we only get sun strong enough to make vitamin d in the skin for about 4 months? Does Dr. Seneff believe in sun lamps since she doesn’t like vitamin d supplements?


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