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We had the pleasure of having Dr. Sydney Bush as our guest a couple of weeks back with a fascinating interview which proved to be too short. We weren’t able to dive deeply into Vitamin C which we cover ed extensively in today’s interview. You may want to catch the first interview if you haven’t already.

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Dr. Sydney Bush

Vitamin C Therapy: Misunderstood, Effective & Suppressed

Mega-dose vitamin C has been misunderstood, says Dr. Bush. With the revelation that vitamin C has a half-life of about 30-minutes in the human body, a fact recently documented by two other British researchers, Drs. Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts of Manchester, emphasize the need to take repeated doses of vitamin C throughout the day to maintain blood concentrations. Hickey and Roberts book, Ascorbate: The Science of Vitamin C, reveals vitamin C concentrations can reach many times greater concentration than previously thought possible, a fact now confirmed by National Institutes of Health researchers themselves in independent studies. A more recent study, just published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, an analysis of nine previous studies, further confirms vitamin C supplement users, those who consume more than 700 milligrams per day, have a 30% reduced risk for coronary heart disease compared to non-supplement users. A report in 1992 mistakenly claimed that more than 200 milligrams of daily vitamin C is worthless because excesses are excreted in the urine. That errant report has likely resulted in the otherwise avoidable loss of millions of lives.

Show Highlights:

-The difference between the way consumers inspect produce in Spain as opposed to the British who buy a lot of processed and packaged foods

-Polyunsaturated fats are something to certainly avoid; free radicals are responsible for cutting our lives short; the enormous global pandemic of heart disease and obesity due to polyunsaturated oils; how do these oils create free radicals?

-Vitamin C: The universal antidote for all disease; the game would be up for the pharmaceutical companies should the word get out

-Dr. Bush argues against vaccination, but surprisingly defends one and tells us why

-Is liposomal vitamin C worth the expense?

-The only way you can see how your arteries are doing are throughcardioretinometry

-Schizophrenics have shown to have a greater need for vitamin C

-Is sodium ascorbate preferred over ascorbic acid due to the buffering?

-What is vitamin C actually doing in the arteries to improve and reverse disease?

-There’s no danger in taking too much, only too little; Professor Bush talks about dosages

-Does vitamin C play a positive role in hormone balancing or weight management?

-Can we chelate significant amounts of magnesium and calcium by taking too much vitamin C?

-Sodium saccharine: Professor Bush’s preferred choice for a sweetener

-Improving the IQ with vitamin C

Tony Pantalleresco’s video for making liposomal vitamin C does not use an ultrasonic cleaner. He simply heats the lecithin in a jar placed in a pot of hot water, then adds vitamin C powder and blends it up. Does Dr. Bush agree that the heat will not significantly degrade the vitamin C and that using a blender is sufficient to form the liposomes?

-How does Prof. Bush introduce Vit C therapy to someone with IBS? I know someone with IBS who is afraid of the titrating effect.Would the Liposomal be better for that person?

and so much more!!!

Dr. Sydney Bush

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