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It’s Never Too Early or Too Late—End the Epidemic of Alzheimer’s by Preventing or Reversing Causation From Pre-birth to Death


The path to sporadic Alzheimer’s is a tragic journey beginning prior to birth and ending in the most dreaded disease of society. Along the disease path are a myriad of clues that portend AD, many of which are complaints of seemingly unrelated conditions from chronic migraines, mood disorders, eye diseases, metabolic syndromes, periodontal diseases, hormonal and autoimmune diseases. Properly treating, not just managing, these diseases, prior to onset of dementia, may significantly reduce dementia incidences. Current high levels of health complaints reflect a state of generalized poor health and compromised immunity. During the mid-Victorian era, people were long-lived yet healthy, suffering from chronic diseases at one tenth the rate of peoples today. It’s our poor health, at any age that increases susceptibility to chronic diseases and Alzheimer’s.
Infection is involved in many cases of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases but is also implicated in many chronic conditions. Scientists looking for causation recognize that Alzheimer’ is multifactorial and systemic—not “brain only.” To slow, stop and reverse the AD epidemic, identification and reversal of causal factors must occur across the entire life spectrum of humans. This approach simply gives consideration to enhancing immune status of our bodies and brain, and controlling inflammation and infection, throughout the entire age spectrum. Infection is a causal factor, but the root cause is multi-factorial and immune health related. Pasteur stated it best when acknowledging the work of Bernard in 19th Century France, “The seed is nothing, the soil is everything.” (continue reading)

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Dr. Lewis clearly explains how eye “diseases” such as cataracts and  macular degeneration are telling us a great deal about issues in all areas of the body, that can be approached and reversed .

The cataract material is mis folded proteins and are often put there because of  low grade undetected infections

The premature birth rate in the U.S. is twice the amount, percentage wise than in Europe

Veins in back of the retina give a stark and clear look at the amount of plaque through out the body

The tests that optometrists can do are Cct

Opaqueness in the eye, commonly called cataracts, are trying to keep the body alive

The mis folded protein are called anti microbial peptides, which is saying a chronic, low grade, undetected infection

Glaucoma is an inflammatory process – and majority have an inflammatory focal infection at the back of their eye

We all have latent infections and they can lie dormant for a lifetime

Low grade chronic infections in the body are happening a great deal in this World

A cryptic disease is where the origin is not easily connected to the “disease” as bacterial infection lying dormant for many, many years.

White Blood cells are always working on keeping these hobo bacteria at bay

He talks about how these bad actors are living in the bio films and how the micro biome of the mouth is critical as well 

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Thomas Lewis, PhD, and the fascinating connection between looking closely at the eyes and what it tells us about overall health, Jaunary 8, 2019

'Dr. Thomas Lewis – Glaucoma is Alzheimer’s Disease of the Eye and Alzheimer’s is Glaucoma of the Brain- The Exact Same Mechanism – December 8, 2019' has 1 comment

  1. January 10, 2019 @ 4:14 pm Roger

    I didn’t listen live…I would have liked to to ask the doctor how or ifcataracts can be removed without surgery.


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