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Free Living: Nature Supplies So Much; You Can Never Consume It All
Ask yourself this question: What would you do if electricity, water, food, shelter, all of these were interrupted, not for a few hours but for a long period of time? Are you prepared and what can you do given your current state of preparedness?
Meet Garry Tibbo. He lives in suburbia, Toronto Canada where it snows in the winter. He doesn’t need a grocery store and he doesn’t depend on others for money. He healed his diseases. He is happy. He is the future.
Almost everything he eats comes from his little suburban property, and most of it’s not from his garden. Nature supplies it for free. In fact, it wasn’t until he started consuming wild plants and weeds that his serious “incurable” health problems started going away. He relied on his automotive shop for income, until one day he realized he didn’t have to be a slave to society when he started making money recycling unwanted things. This was 14 years ago. If the economy totally collapsed and there was no more electricity and grocery stores, Garry wouldn’t be affected one bit.
You’d think eating wild plants and recycling is a poverty lifestyle. Think again. Garry saved enough money to buy over seven hundred acres of beautiful land in the country, where nature supplies enough abundance to feed, supply and heal the health conditions of anyone.


Gary Tibbo

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garry tibbo and living off the land, really. march 19, 2015

'Gary Tibbo – Free Living: Nature Supplies So Much; You Can Never Consume It All – March 19, 2015' have 4 comments

  1. March 20, 2015 @ 5:59 pm Paula

    I loved listening to this show. Really resonates with me. Thank you Gary & Patrick!


  2. March 22, 2015 @ 10:28 am Timothy

    Another amazing show Patrick! Great information from Gary Tibbo! Thank-you


  3. March 26, 2015 @ 10:26 am Tracy

    After listening to you program my eyes popped open when distilled water was mentioned. I have been drinking distilled water for over 25 years, I’m now 50 and have developed osteoporosis. Is it too late to start boiling tap water and possibly reverse the damage I may have caused to my bones from such a long period of time?


    • March 30, 2015 @ 6:59 pm James

      Awesome show!


      -remineralize with bone broths from ‘real’ animals eating what they naturally do, and using “real salt”
      -don’t drink tap water or mineral-void water, esp in plastic bottles. plastic doesn’t directly affect your minerals, but it will affect your hormones, which affects the mineral absorption.
      -don’t drink spring water unless it’s from a clean underground source (does not come in contact with surface of the earth upstream). the deeper the well, usually the better.
      -don’t drink/bathe in soft water; calcium and magnesium buffer the water, that’s why they are there! So turn off your water softener and deal with the cleaning/descaling. I’ve been running hard water through my equipment for 2 decades; no issues at all like the manufactures say.
      -fluoride is bioavalible in soft water; in hard water it is bound to calcium and magnesium as it’s at its lowest ‘energy state.’ A water softener forcibly unbinds the fluorine atom, and it reacts HIGHLY with any cation available, and because there isn’t enough calcium (2+) or magnesium (2+) to absorb it all, it has to choose another element. It is so strongly negatively charged, it will even react with another negatively charged ion (less negative). As soon as it “sees” calcium (your teeth), or magnesium (or blood), it “removes” it and binds it up. Need proof? Google “fluorine spill illinois” and watch it eat through cement. What is cement?? CALCIUM!

      This basic science is one reason you have osteoporosis. It doesn’t matter if you are using well water; if you drink SOFT water you make these poisons bio-available. Don’t worry, you can fix this. Use the bone broth (home made) and trace minerals! I’d go see a Naturpathic Doctor as well.


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