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The RELAX Far Infrared Ray Sauna

“It makes people feel so much better no matter what’s going on”

You’ve seen the ad on our sidebar of the website and heard Patrick talk about his favorite method of detox. But up until last week, even he did not fully understand how the RELAX far infrared ray sauna really worked and the true benefits it provides. There’s a lot more to it than just sweating.

Jana Wilson explains what this piece of equipment did for her bone pain just within 6 minutes of using it for the first time. She goes on to tell us the difference between far infrared light and using steam and steam to generate sweat. Far infrared light is food for the body and is the only light which can be absorbed into the body, thus giving rejuvenation and life.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a sauna or simply curious about the benefits, this interview will answer all of your questions.



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'Jana Wilson – Far Infrared: The Light that Gives Life – The Relax Far Infrared Ray Sauna Benefits Explained in Detail – April 4, 2013' have 4 comments

  1. May 26, 2013 @ 2:21 pm Linda Brocato

    Linda Brocato says:
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    May 26, 2013 at 2:20 pm
    I’ve been in a wheelchair (1989) from mercury amalgam poisoning that induced Multiple Sclerosis in me leading to the wheelchair. Will the infare red sauna cause problems b/c I wilt with heat and have a stainless steel plate in my leg?

    Thank you,


    • May 26, 2013 @ 4:08 pm skg

      Hi Linda,
      I will forward your question to Jana and ask her to reply directly to you. Cheers, Sharon


    • May 29, 2013 @ 9:58 am skg

      The stainless steel plate will not in any way affect or cause problems with the cells in your body absorbing the wonderful far infrared rays from the Relax Sauna generator. Only the water in your body is affected. As a matter of fact, the cells surrounding the stainless steel rod will be greatly benefited. Only the cells in the body increase in temperature, and only by a degree or two, but enough to cause great purification of the cells, and hence a good detoxification.

      If you wilt easily, then go gingerly with the sauna, 5 minutes at a time, and if that is too much , then use it on 1 button (radiator) on , and 1 off … The more you can tolerate, the better you can detoxify, and the better you can feel.

      I have found the Relax Sauna to be one thing that simply changed my life. I use it for pain management, and I need it less and less for that, as well.

      Dr. Sherry Rogers, an environmental doctor, says that Far Infrared Saunas are one of the best ways to detoxify mercury and other heavy metals.

      See what Karen Russell experienced:

      Hope this information is helpful to you.

      I certainly Wish you the Best.

      Jana Wilson


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