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Linda Lagemann, Ph.D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dangerous Trends in the “Mental Health” Field and What We Can Do About Them

“So, an anti-psychotic is the top-selling drug in the United States. The original market for anti-psychotics is very small. With brilliant marketing and Direct-to-Consumer-Advertising access to virtually every home in America, millions of people are taking anti-psychotics for depression and giving them to their children for ADHD. The damage being done is incalculable.”

Dr. Linda LagemannAfter 23 years in private practice and observing that the “mental health” field has become dominated by psychiatric labels and drugs and is doing more harm than help, Dr. Linda Lagemann closed her office to devote herself full-time to efforts to reform the field and inform the public about the damage and disability caused by psychotropic drugs, especially when given to children whose brains are still developing.

Currently, she teaches seminars, provide expert testimony on legislation, and do public speaking to a wide range of audiences. She has been interviewed on radio stations across the country and on TV about the state of the “mental health” field. Additionally, she has been featured in two documentaries.

Show Highlights:

-What new factors are in play in clinical psychology now?

-Does encouraging drug prescription and medication compliance have a role in psychology?

-What’s new on the legislative front? Forcing involuntary psychiatric treatment, ECT, and meds on “severely ill”. Reaction to Sandy Hook and other shootings.

-Do psych drugs ever help people? Drugs remove the power to change your own condition.

-What’s behind the drug push?

-What is the best treatment for depression? Worst treatment?

-What do psych drugs do to people? What is the relationship between withdrawal and violence? Disconnection from themselves and others. Standard taper-down is not tapered enough.

-Adverse effects – withdrawal symptoms vs. proof that a person needs to be on the drug?

-Gun issue used to distract from the issue of psychiatric drugs not working. – treasure trove of info about psychiatric drugs

-Anxiety – attention is in your head conducting future scenarios that are bad. Depression – conducting past scenarios. In both of them, attention is not in the present. Change focus to present moment, because in the present moment, nothing bad is happening. Deep breathing.

-Anti-anxiety drugs – can make it worse. Xanax vs. placebo. Xanax better at 4 weeks, worse at 12 weeks. Anti-anxiety drugs linked to higher incidence of Alzheimer’s later on.

-Are exercising, volunteering, and getting in the present enough?

-Stories planted in the media now – it’s not chemical imbalance, it’s electrical current imbalance in the brain.

-What is ECT (electroconvulsive therapy)? Just another name for electroshock therapy. Has it been proven safe and effective?

-Psychiatry wants to add ECT and implantable brain devices for children and adolescents with treatment resistance. ECT already used on autistic children.

-HR2646 “Helping Families in Mental Crisis Act” to be voted on 6/15/16. Importance of calling legislators to protest forced psychiatric treatment. Experts don’t agree on treatments; how can they be enacted into law?

-How do psych drugs, including SSRIs, impair the frontal lobe?

-American Addict Trailer

-1 in 4 Americans on psychiatric drugs. Future marketing pushes for drugs, ECT, stimulation devices.

and so much more!!!

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dr linda laggeman on drugs and shock therapy and mental health, june 14, 2016

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