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Creator of Living Libations 

Living Libations was created by Nadine Artemis, beauty philosopher, aromacologist, and botanical muse, shaping plant-intelligence into palpable consecrations to blush senses and muse imaginations.

Living Libations is a line of serums, elixirs, and essentials oil that nurture beauty, enhance the immune, and promote healthy good oral care. Nadine is the author of Holistic Dental Care: the Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums.

Nadine’s official biography begins when she first combines flasks of essential oils to recreate Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps for a school science fair. These botanical-inclinations led her on petal-pathed adventures in creating organic beauty balms, reviving elixirs, healing oral care and perfumed poetry to quench the natural yearnings of many.

Nadine opened North America’s first full concept Aromatherapy store, Osmosis, in 1994. Since that day Nadine has since received glowing reviews for her formulations in the Hollywood Reporter, Flare, the New York Times, Vogue and The National Post. Nadine has also addressed gatherings at conferences, appeared on television and radio shows.

Show highlights:

-Renegade Beauty will be released in November.  Is over 400 pages.  Pre-order now through ORN’s link to Amazon.

-Nadine shares the story of her longtime interest in beauty products.

-Olfactory molecules of essential oils travel into the brain and body and affect us on a sensory, emotional, and physiological level.

-Essential oils are a defense system for the plant and balance and work with the human biome to prevent negative effects of pathogenic bacteria.  EOs proven to have quorum sensing inhibitors (QSI).

-We have reduced our bacterial species diversity by 40-50%.  Species are going extinct on a microscopic level in our bodies due to antibiotic use, Caesarian births, lack of breast feeding, and GMOs.

-Strep mutans is a cavity causer.  Dental issues increasing because it’s missing its bacterial buddies that keep it in check.

-Antibiotics are indiscriminate assassins.  Pathogens are free floating.  When they gain numbers, they gain traction.  QSI is bacteria ganging up, gaining control, and taking over.

-EOs break up the biofilm.  Ancient herbs and extracts are effective for oral care because they can penetrate the biofilms.

-Surfactants lodge in the stratum cornea of the skin and don’t leave.  We don’t want to put soap on our face, calves, arms.  Wash pits and bits only.

-Listener asks about h. pylori.  See Martin Blaser’s book “Missing Microbes”.

-Sun rays touching the skin are a catalyst for creating a water-soluble Vitamin D.  Oil-based Vitamin D doesn’t have the same effect.  If Vit D receptors aren’t filled with Vitamin D3, the sticky bacteria ligands come in and do a targeted attack on the immune system.  Is the reason sun exposure was effective for tuberculosis and rickets, because it recharges the Vitamin D batteries.  Vitamin D supplements are useful for people in northern climates.

-The sun doesn’t age the skin, but we need to interact with the sun wisely.  Hyperpigmentation is caused by diet and chemicals.  PUFAs are the cause of age spots, as well as medications, birth control pills, and sunscreens.  Sunscreens aren’t carcinogenic until ignited by the heat of the sun.

-Clogged liver causing liver spots on the skin may be a myth.  Use Jewel Dab and DewDab.

-Before doing a sauna, dry brush.  After the sauna, rinse in the shower using no soap.  Take a wooden stick or spoon or striegel and rub along skin.  Use with Best Skin Ever – the oil will pick up the toxins.  Then rinse again.

-Wash the skin with oil, which is an ancient technique.  It balances microbiomes, balances out acne.  Don’t use mineral oil or a rancid oil like almond oil.  2% of population is sensitive to coconut oil – substitute sandalwood.

-Nadine has seen major turnarounds with giving up soap.  Soy is an acne causer.

-Need to lube up from the inside.  Part of the lube is coming from the sunshine.  Vitamin D has a symbiotic relationship with the microbiome.  A healthy microbiome heals scars.  Don’t want to be scrubbing cells that need to be in the top layer of the skin.  Need good water, eating well, and lubbing up with oil.

-Can Use Best Skin Ever on hair. Nadine washes her hair only twice a month, using it.

-Susan asks about hormone balancing for women over 50.  Imbalance could be due to the thyroid, which is the third ovary, or to endocrine disrupters.  White Kwao Krua, scientific name pueraria mirifaca, is a great hormone balancer  and a good estrogen balancer.  Great female herb.   DIM supplement useful to get rid of excess estrogen, xenoestrogens, and fungal and metallo-estrogens.  Use chamomile, progesterone herbs  of panex gingseng and dong quai,.  Stay away from soy, gluten, possibly dairy, commercial eggs.  Eat more crucifers.  Yam derivatives.  Testosterone herbs also important.

Hour 2

-Susan asks what is Nadine’s favorite carrier oil to use with essential oils?  Pure jojoba oil.  Is actually a liquid wax.  Can be stable for a 100 years if stored properly.  Don’t apply products with oils that go rancid.

-What are the EOs that Nadine uses the most?  Immortelle – helichrysum.  Good scar healer.  Frankincense.  Chamomile. Inhibitors for enzymes which break down collagen.  Put one drop on scar, zits, or brown spots.  Dew Dabs – is like a drop of medicine.  Apply neat, without an oil carrier.   Peppermint – good first aid friend for burns and bites, it’s like ice.  Cools, takes away sting.

-The advice to not use scents, which are considered to keep you from finding your true love, applies only to synthetics.  Plants allow you to be who your are.  Your natural scent brings out your own perfume without covering it up.

-Research has shown that people on birth control are picking the wrong mates.

-Juan wants advice on how to remove lipofuscin.  Look up ‘Seeing Spots” on Nadine’s website.  Use DewDab or Jewel Dab.

-Patrick loves Nadine’s Poetic Pits deodorant.  Her cream deodorants are coming out this fall.

-Nadine got into the essential oils business after experiencing the difference in quality in her sources over health food store oils.

-Rich wants to know if any of her underarm products are estrogenic or testosterone building.  No, but they will make you smell like a man.  Makes the sweat sweet.

-John asks for a product for psoriasis or eczema.  Stop, seed, seal.  Stop synthetic mouthwashes, get mercury fillings out, stop surfactants, stop synthetic laundry detergent.  Cashews is big cause of acne and flaring-up skin conditions.  Seal – replace with oils from plant friends.  Seabuckthorn, drop of pepperment for itch.  If bleeding in the mouth, stop bleeding, use dental serums.   Guided pocket recolonization using a blunt syringe.  Add probiotic to oil pulling.  Oil pulling has been done for centuries.  Use MCT oil or coconut oil, or her swishing serums.  Use a silicone mold to freeze cubes of oil and EOs for swishing every day.  For the seed, want a bustling microbiome.  For skin, use Best Skin Ever.  Probiotics are useful.

-Essential oils internally?  Make sure you have true essential oils.  Oils are very concentrated.  Only need 1 drop.  Oils recognized as GRAS are safe to take internally.  Always mix with something first, e.g. EO with honey or EO with coconut oil, and then put into food.

-When oil pulling, add 1 drop of peppermint, frankincense,  or dental serum.

-Ivan asks:  how can we support the body to make it’s own Vitamin C?  Keep gut microbiome populated.  Want high CFU and wide variety of species.  Eat fermented foods.  Take a probiotic.

-Honey is good for the face and also for eczema and psoriasis.  Obtain from organic, clean sources.  Manuka honey is good, especially for its microbial effects, but any real honey is good.

-How to remove melasma?  Use same techniques as for discoloration.

-Is saw palmetto good for prostate?  Look up Swedish flower pollen.

-D asks if there is any expiration date on Living Libations products?   Products they make have a 1-3 year shelf life.  Email Nadine for her product life chart.

-Nadine doesn’t use animal oils in her product.

-Debbie asks if too much testosterone makea a woman go bald?  Problem is in the conversion of DHT.  Do a DUTCH dried urine hormone test.  Zinc is helpful.

-Sarah wants to know about natural birth control.  See Nadine’s book.   Neem seems to provide birth control if taken by the man.  Doesn’t interfere with testosterone.  Know your cycles.  All man-made hormonal birth control and IUDs have serious problems.

-Shelly wants to know what can be done for puffy undereye circles.  Nadine suggests her Open Sky Eye Serum.  Could be retention of water;  suggest Chinese medicine remedies for kidneys.   Eliminate chlorine.  Dandelion tincture good.

-Nadine will be a speaker at David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference in April 2018.

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