Patrick Timpone

The Mind, Body, & Soul Connection in Healing : Getting Sick to Learn Who We Are As Soul

From time to time our host, Patrick Timpone, enjoys sharing ideas about spirituality, health and how the mind, body,and soul all work together. Join us for an enlightening and spirited hour. Your questions, comments, and phone calls are encouraged.

Patrick Timpone

Patrick Timpone
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Show Highlights:

-Patrick’s Great Colon Reset around April 4, 2016 helped change his perspective on his health.

-Feels like angels are giving him body work. Still improving from using Atom’s stretching and yawning techniques and paida lajing. Has continued therapy with a professional body worker.

-We need to surrender to spirit and the wisdom we want to heal. Get out of the mind.

-We get sick to learn who we are as soul. Let everything go that we think we know about health. Stay in the now and ask what can I do about it, what is my next step?

-How to contact Divine Spirit? Divine spirit is how God expresses himself in our physical world. Becoming more aware of what is to help ourselves heal and figure out our relationship to Spirit. All that is needed is to believe and have faith that it exists. That is the connection that opens our soul to work with it. Know that it exists and surrendering to it is the key.

-Easier for females to surrender than males.

-Look and see every moment of our lives.

-Paul says his arthritis cleared up once he moved. He always knew he needed to move; Patrick says it took a while for Paul as ego to know what Paul as soul wanted to do.

-Caller Mark from Boise agrees on the importance of surrender, that we can achieve bliss through the consciousness of what is ultimately real, not what our ego says. Feeling stress or frustration is a signal that the ego is in the way. He says his surrender is fleeting; Patrick says it’s available 24 hours a day.

-As soul, wherever you go, every second, that is your state of consciousness. There are no thoughts, you are above your mind, and that’s how you can talk to God.

-The only things that can harm us are those that we believe can harm us. We can ultimately achieve the consciousness to transmute anything. Patrick didn’t have consciousness of Viet Nam when he enlisted in the Navy, so he couldn’t have been placed in harm there, and was instead assigned to be a DJ on a tropical island out of harm’s way.

-When we give 100%, spirit kicks in the rest.

-If you invest in a healing process, believe in it 100%. If it’s not working, change.

-Patrick explains what body work is.

-Just in – “The Call of Soul” books. Author Harold Klemp takes readers on a journey into Eckankar. Book comes with an audio CD demonstrating HU. Tell Patrick if you’d like one.

Patrick Timpone on Soul, Mind Body Healing, Awareness, Consciousness, Soul Travel, Dreams, March 23, 2017

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