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How much power do our words really carry? Is it possible that our words-the air that we invite into the deepest recesses of our body and then carefully expel through the sacred organ of our vocal chords-have a power that is so great that it was intentionally confused over 5,000 thousand years ago? What would it mean to re-discover the secret of the language that heals our deepest hurts, breathes life into our greatest joys, and literally creates Reality itself? The pioneering work of Robert Tennyson Stevens masterfully leads us on a step-by-step journey in the new science of Conscious Languaging; the science of choosing the words that express our true intent, and knowing that our words are the quantum templates of health, abundance, peace and relationships! Our outcome in Mastery Systems is to give tools and techniques for individuals to know their own highest choices in any situation, to express their choices with ease and clarity, and to have full-body alignment (head and heart) in their choices. Mastery of ourselves begins with using Conscious LanguageTM. Imagine installing on your inner “heart drive” a new Conscious Human Operating System which keeps you aware and awake to self-sabotage before it can act. Imagine a human computer virus checker which finds all those pesky viruses and limiting beliefs, lies, doubts and agreements with limitation and offers each limitation to your awareness for upgrading. The virus is called the Babel Virus. The upgrade is called Pure Speech (Conscious LanguageTM).


Show Highlights:

-Study of “Language, Thought and Reality” by Benjamin Worf was his introduction. Our perception of the world and our ways of thinking about it are deeply influenced by the structure of the languages we speak.

-Language is an operating system. Hopis have a different thought process, e.g. no word for now.

-Language defines where we are in consciousness. Everybody has the language of the heart already installed.

-Language of the heart is spirit, enthusiasm, God in you, our awakened self.

-Numerous biblical references to “the word”.

-Love is source code. We’re all in each other.

-Conscious conception handles both sides of polarized issues.

-“I apologize” vs. saying “I’m sorry”.

-What we’re aware of is a small part of our consciousness.

-Recommends Neville’s books.

-How to change someone. Every relationship is a mirror. Become a strong sovereign person and ignite the other in the relationship.

-Don’t name diseases, just say what’s going on. Naming gives it power. I can and I am, not I have and I can’t.

-I happened to me.

-Stop judging others. Instead of saying something negative, teach by example with love.

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robert stevens and the power of conscious language, november 3, 2016

'Robert Tennyson Stevens – Conscious Language: How much power do our words really carry? – November 3, 2016' have 2 comments

  1. November 4, 2016 @ 10:55 pm john oneill

    i have been trying to understand what the heck thus gezza is talking about can he talk in golden retriever if any one could summaries in one sentence the essentials of this teachings please help


  2. November 26, 2016 @ 2:13 pm Dale

    You let him shut you down, Patrick….when people don’t have an argument, they make sure that no debate can even take place….early in the interview you wanted to bring up people’s feelings about the abortion issue…and he cut you off and delegitimized your question just because you started by using the word “but”…I stopped listening after that
    …i know you’re a nice guy, Patrick, but never let a guest stop your line of questioning….


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