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If you heard our last interview with Kerri Rivera, you most probably remember her mentioning a woman she referred to as the ‘Worm Whisperer’. Robin has a 19 year old son who has lived through life long Autism. Typically, a majority of these kids become very aggressive and violent into adulthood and Robins son was on the same path. She and her husband watched their mildly autistic child turn into a rage filled werewolf. Once Robin made the connection between parasites and Autism, she started her son a parasite protocol. Since starting the treatments they have removed over 160 feet of parasites totaling about 35 pounds. WOW!

Join us to get the rest of the story from Robin and how she has embarked on helping the older kids heal.

Show Highlights:

-Robin gives us background information on her child’s vaccine injury; many children were actually killed by the same lot of vaccines her son received

-The layering on of assaults from vaccines and antibiotics

-Why would a mildly autistic child become violent and aggressive in adolescence?

-Finding the answers through testing; Robin discovers her son’s deficiency in vitamins and minerals, but he was still not getting better. Robin tells us how self destructive her son was becoming

-Why don’t we deworm our kids like they did 100 years ago?

-Why is this generation of children is the most toxic by far?

-Robin tells us how many pounds and how many feet of parasites have come out of her son

-How has Robins sons behavior changed in the past 9 months

-Robin explains the protocol she uses to kill parasites; how does she know these are not just strands of mucus?

-Why do you have to go ‘low and slow’ to kill these parasites?

-Using a humidifier at night to help with the dosing to be able to get a good nights sleep

-Adding herbs into the mix; Robin gives us an idea of several different herbs she throws in to help

-CDAutism can be found on Facebook as a support group

-Where does the addition of ocean water fit in?


The Worm Whisperer


robin goffe, the worm whisperer and autism, december 12, 2013

'Robin Goffe – The Worm Whisperer talks Worms, Parasites, Chlorine Dioxide, Vaccines and the Autism Connection – December 12, 2013' have 3 comments

  1. December 13, 2013 @ 10:52 am Wees

    Great, nice to get more and more info about these rope worms.
    I got rid of a few using psyllium, but it was a bit painful. I guess they are being pushed out instead of flushed out, and are trying to hold on to the colon. .
    Today I drank a juice with garlic/ apple/ bell pepper and that garlic really helped relieve the symptoms. . I did have a puking sensation for a while, a lot of saliva. . but after I felt better.


  2. December 13, 2013 @ 12:26 pm patrick mcgean

    Robin I was surprised when I heard you state that Utah has the highest rate of autism, yet you failed to mention the number of doctors praising the vaccinations which are responsible for all of the autism we have seen in 14 years.
    We study organic sulfur which has been missing from our diets world wide since 1960. 21 children 2 to 17 who took sulfur together with their child have their child back and their lives back. 55 others don’t like the taste so their is no eye contact at the required frequency to allow the children to communicate, sentences.
    The link if for that biologist you are married to, no mention of where the sulfur comes from?
    Linus Pauling said at BYU in 1990, “All of our modern diseases (even man made) are a result of a missing mineral. Sulfur is that mineral, and autism and
    Alzheimer’s both respond due to the sulfation of the heavy metals out of the blood brain barrier.
    See Rudy Tanzi’s Noble work, 1992.
    We are biological not synthetic and your 19 year old is better but he is not BACK.
    The Cellular Matrix Study is directed from Murray Utah
    801-290-2013 is the phone and [email protected] is our email.

    Robin I like girls, and I believe they should not have to worry who will take care of my child when I am gone.
    They will.
    Organic sulfur makes girls beautiful and men less stupid.

    Patrick McGean
    240,000 living study members in 41


  3. March 3, 2014 @ 7:09 pm Deborah

    I am in my second month of using the Organic Sulfur. I am amazed ! For over 10 years I have had a nagging pain in my hip which radiated to my back then down my leg. After 2 days I noticed the pain was less every day. By the end of the first week the pain was gone ! So far the pain has not returned and I can start jogging again. I do the amounts recommended at 1 tsp. twice a day. I am also brushing my teeth and rinsing my gums with the sulfur. I have a receding gum line on the bottom left . I thought I was imagining growth of gum tissue but I am not ! I am very healthy and just completed about 1 year of the Kerri Rivera parasite protocol. I did her protocol for a general cleanse. With the addition of the Organic Sulfur I feel it will also assist in any development of parasites. I am also starting my husband on this. He suffers from some various health issues. . I feel it will help him too. Thanks so much !Perhaps this was the BIG missing link in my health protocol ! I have tried other sulfur products and never had these results.Last , my bowel movements are also more normal and I have great energy ! have to trim my nails every week. I will be stocking up on this product !
    Deborah Gray PhD


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