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Extraordinary Healthcare

Sarvasri is known internationally for his knowledge of natural healthcare. His methods, which have been drawn from numerous sources, are used to heal physical, mental, and emotional conditions, often within seconds or minutes. He believes that virtually every condition can be healed easily with natural methods – including all the major diseases.

Sarvasri is the author of the new book “Extraordinary Healthcare” released in March, 2014. He is the developer and founder of the Extraordinary Healthcare™ Program, a multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare that goes beyond what mainstream medicine currently offers. It is based on his research and development since 1971.

With a scientific background as an Engineering Physicist, Sarvasri left the field of engineering to devote himself to the healing arts over four decades ago. He studied ancient healing methods with master teachers in Europe, India, and the United States. He was instructed in methods of healing not commonly available. Practically oriented, he has taken the ancient methods, current scientific advances, and traditional wisdom of the world’s healing traditions and made them easily accessible for today’s busy lifestyle.

Sarvasri lives what he teaches. He has not needed to see a doctor in over 40 years. In his late 60′s, he still retains the flexibility of a child.

Show Highlights:

-Healing on all 5 levels

-Listening to our inner deeper promptings

-Getting to a place of stillness through meditation; meditation is about techniques which starts with breath

-Deeper states of meditation, like deep sleep, helps with healing

-Making conscious choices; it’s all about knowledge when it comes to healing. Unfortunately we weren’t taught these things

-How we are blocking healing

-Utilizing bio-energy which is the life force energy; directing through attention and intention

-PH imbalances can attract parasites

-A listener wants to know how Sarvasri’s program is different from QiGong

-Remedies for PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorders)

-What’s the difference between healing on a mental level and healing on an emotional level

-The human body is so totally awesome, but we must empower it

-The ‘unwillingness to change’ patterns must be healed first

-Eliminating addictions which have become unhealthy habits

-Is the world an evil place? A listener wants to know Sarvasri’s view of the world

and more!


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sri ananda sarvasri and extraordinary health, may 27, 2014

'Sri Ananda Sarvasri – Extraordinary Healthcare : Healing On All 5 Levels Easily and Naturally – May 27, 2014' has 1 comment

  1. June 13, 2014 @ 1:48 am Sareen

    Hello Great Interview.

    Dr Sri Ananda Sarvasri has condensed his 40 years of health knowledge into this book “Extraordinary Healthcare”.

    Dr Sri Ananda Sarvasri has experience knowledge in alot of medical fields, such as naturopathic, medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese energy, Nutritional healing, Bio-Energy healing, Herbal healing, Essential oils, Yoga and meditation, Lymphatic + Cellular cleansing routines and many more areas.

    I purchased this book about a month ago, and it is mind blowing. The gives instructions on how to improve your health. It is written in simple step by step format, that anybody can follow. This is a great reference book for finding a multitude of natural ways to treat a condition or health problem.

    As I am still reading it, I have already put some of the methods and it is great, and every time I read a chapter from it I learn something new.

    The information in this book should be taught in schools, I definitely recommend you buying a copy, reading it and applying the methods Dr Sarvasri has provided.

    Thank You


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