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Susan Silberstein, PhD

Founder and Educational Director of

susan-silbersteinSusan Silberstein is founder and Educational Director of (the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education), a not-for-profit organization established over three decades ago. Susan is a sought-after expert and international lecturer on nutrition, cancer prevention, and the psychology of health and disease.
Since 1977, she has personally counseled more than 25,000 cancer patients, provided continuing education to thousands of healthcare professionals, and trained nearly 60,000 prevention-seekers.
She is the author of numerous books, including Hungry for Health, Hungrier for Health, and Breast Cancer: Is it What You’re Eating or What’s Eating You? She is also designer of the Beat Cancer Kit series, narrator of the popular video Fight Cancer with Your Fork, editor of Immune Perspectives magazine, and creator of the Holistic Cancer Coach Certification Program.
A Phi Beta Kappa and Fulbright scholar, she has given hundreds of broadcast, print and web interviews and has won numerous awards for her work in cancer education, among them the Jefferson Award of the American Institute for Public Service and the Founder’s Award of the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine.


Show Highlights: grew out of her husband’s death from cancer. Provides education and referrals on how to prevent, cope with, and beat cancer.

-Diet is key. It’s not just what you give up, but also the anti-cancer foods that need to be included. Plant-heavy recommendation.

-Casein is carcenogenic. Dairy has growth factors in it. Goat milk is best animal milk. Cut way, way back on cow dairy.

-Consuming cultured milk products in indigenous cultures vs. in industrial society.

-Is raw milk from pastured cows safer?

-Lifestyle, emotional component, and detoxification important. Biochemical individuality.

-Lifetime risk for cancer is 1 in 2 Americans.

-A lot of money is spent on cancer, but not on lives being saved.

-What we eat may be less important than the waste being removed by the body.

-What we’re eating is less important than what’s eating us.

-It’s less important what the kind of cancer is than what kind of patient has the cancer.

-Radical Remission by Kelly Turner on

-Changes in belief systems can have dramatic results.

-No fees for their services. Funding always a challenge. Looking for ambassadors and donations.

-Prevention is the cure.

-Which approaches have provided the best results? Individualized responses. No medical treatment advice given.

-Course material, forums, products, cancer coaches available at Call at 888-551-2223.

-What message did the cancer come to deliver? Figure it out, and cancer won’t have a job anymore.

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“What we eat is less important that what is eating at us emotionally”

susan silberstein phd with unique individual support for those who are cancer challenged, november 1, 2016

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