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William J. Rea, M.D.

Environmental Aspects of Health and Disease

Did you know that many common ailments may be traced to substances you are exposed to in your everyday environment? Thirty years ago, even medical science was not broadly aware of the extent the environment affected health. But, thanks to much research and the work of pioneering physicians, doctors now recognize such maladies as headaches, sinusitis, fatigue, joint aches, blood vessel abnormalities, asthma and chronic infections may be caused by environmental factors. The Environmental Health Center-Dallas is one of the oldest and most advanced centers in the world addressing health and disease as it relates to the environment. With a staff of more than 70, including physicians, surgeons, scientists, nutritionists, and physical therapists, the center provides full-service medical care with a special emphasis on the impact of environmental factors on the human body.

According to Dr. William J. Rea, the surgeon who founded the Clinic in 1974, various exposures may cause sleep disturbance, learning disorders, blood vessel, colon and bladder inflammation, as well as a host of other inflammatory problems. The “environment” involves all of our surroundings, including everything we breathe, eat, or touch. It consists of thousands of substances we are exposed to each day, but often do not even know exist. They are substances like the air-pollens, molds, and animal danders in the air, machinery, carpets, cleaning supplies, perfume and smog produces chemical by-products.

Show Highlights:

-The top environmental challenges to our health we face daily

-We are electrical beings; Dr. Rea explains

-How the WiFi towers near schools are causing cancer to rise

-How can electricity clog up your arteries?

-There’s no question about the dangers of GMO’s

-The problems with water

-Taking a look at dental implants: Which are the best?

-What about other implants in the body? Oftentimes, the metals act like antennea in the body

-How to deal with the air circulation in office buildings; what’s the best way to filter the air coming from the vents?

-A lot of people with environmental problems cannot sweat; what does Dr. Rea think of far infrared saunas?

-Addressing grounding technology

-Is there anything you can do if you’re living near cell phone towers?

-Dr. Rea recommends ceramic or gold for fillings in teeth

-Types of tests Dr. Rea does on his patients

-Toxins: If you can smell them, they’re going into your body

-Dr. Rea weighs in on a listeners heavy mold exposure

-How leather soled shoes can help your kids fight WiFi exposure at school

-Need your cell phone? Use it only when necessary

and so much more!

Dr. William Rea


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dr william rea on environmental health, march 31, 2014

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