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Yasmine Marca, CNC

Board Certified Naturopath, Certified Traditional Tribal Healer
The Master Healing Plan

“The body is an incredible instrument that given the right set of tools, is able to heal and regenerate.”
Yasmine became interested in nutrition when she was told she probably wouldn’t live another 6 months at the age of 19. At the time she was riddled with tumors: 18 breast tumors, and a uterine tumor the size of a grapefruit. Yasmine had two tumors removed, but soon realized that cutting out a tumor does not get rid of the cause. Although she was referred to an oncologist, she chose a chiropractor instead; the tumors disappeared within 6 weeks which set Yasmine on the path to create The Master Healing Plan.

Yasmine Marca

Show Highlights:

-Is there a connection between parasites and cancer? Yasmine thinks so and explains why

-Going after parasites correctly

-People deficient in HCL can cause the proliferation of parasites

-Can the osteoarthritis ” wear and tear ” of knees cartilage be repaired?

-Ideas for ongoing cleansing

-The importance of having the dental mercury amalgams removed first and foremost

-Using Willard water for better absorption of nutrients

-Knowing your metabolic type because one diet does not fit all

-What causes hair loss and thinning hair, and can one regrow hair?

-Where iodine fits into the picture

-Yasmine talks about what she uses to pull heavy metals from the body; the key is to get the heavy metals out without depleting other minerals

-Regenerating and healing the pancreas

-Why it’s not a good idea to take omega 3s with B-complex

-Yasmine gives her opinion on using clay to pull out heavy metals

Yasmine explains how she determines allergies using kinesiology

and more!

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To order Yasmine’s book, please call her office 303-799-7755. This book is over 500 pages and is not sold on Amazon

dr yasmine marca, the master healing plan, may 26, 2015, hour one

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    'Yasmine Marca, CNC – The Master Healing Plan – May 26, 2015' have 4 comments

    1. May 31, 2015 @ 7:42 am CAB

      I liked this guest a lot. I was interested in the discussion on fulvic acid. I don’t think you’ve covered this subject — but I also became interested in fulvic acid when Dr. Jerry Tennant said we need it to supplement. I ordered enough to supply an army in powder form, also humic acid, but so far I’m only using it on my plants. I’d like to hear a guest who’s an expert on this come on your program.

      Also, muscle testing, which your guest has convinced me is a valuable tool we can all use — can you find us a guest who can talk about muscle testing?

      I know someone who is suffering from skin cancer and treating it herself, so I sent this link with the information about Willard Water. You can order the Willard water from Swanson for about $8. I will bet they have the homeopathic zinc also for people with low thyroid — getting the hair to grow.
      On the glandulars, you can order from Swanson also — NOT EXPENSIVE. When I first learned that the glandulars from one species works fine to regenerate the glands of another species, no difference — that was a great discovery to me. This means that glandulars are powerful medicine, yes? Doc Sutter swears by sausage, one of his favorite foods that agrees with him and is health-building.

      This guest was great for people who understand testing language. And her attitude is fabulous about the spiritual aspect of life.

      Thank you for finding the gems shining in the coal pile out there — the one in a million who really cares and knows what they are doing, who are helping and healing people, and not killing them. And for finding Dr. Daniels to come on once a month to warn us about what all the dangerous docs are up to.


      • July 14, 2015 @ 4:29 pm Nancy Huppert

        Yasmin –

        This is Nancy Huppert. I am CJ Streit’s friend. I was wondering if I could get an appointment with you tomorrow July 15th of Thursday July 16th. CJ’s daughter is in town from Baltimore.


        Nancy Huppert (303)880-6331.


        • July 15, 2015 @ 5:56 am One Radio

          You need to contact Yasmin directly through her website, not through this page. It’s very doubtful she would read these posts. Please call her office 303-799-7755


    2. June 4, 2015 @ 9:16 pm Gene

      I’ve started reading her book and it is excellent.


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