In a World in Fear of Fictional Enemies, Who Are the Real “Conspiracy Theorists”?

2nd February 2016

By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

“Conspiracy theorist”. Like many of you, I’m sick and tired of this pejorative label that’s pasted flippantly onto anyone seriously challenging the status quo. There was a time this CIA conspiracy theorist tag, created to fend off questions about the JFK murder, was a marginalized stigmatization in itself used for specific targets, but now it’s used so widely and so crudely, it’s time we took it down.

What “flipped my switch” to address this is an almost-hard-to-believe news item that was brought to my attention. It makes one sick to their stomach that such a regime could dare to attempt such blatant Orwellian police state tactics on a conscious population— and most of all the appalling truth-reversing hypocrisy it represents.

In ‘The News’…

“Reporter Donny Gilson falsely committed to 6 months in St. Cloud MN psychiatric ward for “conspiracy theories”

“VANCOUVER, BC – In an interview from inside the Behavioral Mental Unit of the St. Cloud Hospital, St. Cloud, MN, Donny Gilson, reporter for Truth Frequency Radio, has been able to document his ordeal since a commitment based on family objections to his “conspiracy theories,” thus reporting on how many alternative media and free thinkers on the Internet are targeted by increased surveillance under “psychiatric” laws that hold “conspiracy research” to be a “mental disorder”.

“Donny Gilson and his network Truth Frequency Radio and host Chris Geo are now taking steps to help free him on a writ of habeas corpus or other legal document, as there are no legal or psychiatric grounds for Donny Gilson’s commitment. He is not a danger to himself or to the public at large, and you can judge from this interview.” [read more]

Who Is Calling Who What?

In a world based on fear of fictional and created enemies, population dividing ruses and control mechanisms of every deceptive sort, how the hell are they in any place to even begin to say such truth-twisting bullshit to absolutely anyone? Never mind enact laws against truth tellers in a deliberately created milieu of self reinforcing political correctness based on fear designed to gain greater control?

It’s beyond me. And it should infuriate anyone, no matter what their paradigm or mindset.

These hypocritical bastards are the true conspiracy theorists, while we are the conspiracy factualists. We’re proven right time and again and should be lauded as society’s watchdogs and true investigators working to save humanity. Their machinations never have any basis in truth, fact or reality, except that which they create, obfuscate or twist for their own designs.

Instead? Any squeak contrary to their imposed normalcy bias is not just denigrated and shouted down, but now they bandy about labels like “radicalized” for any form of questioning the party line, taking it to the extent they dare to incarcerate such truth proponents.

And if this sounds like a self-reinforcing way of thinking from a paranoid schizophrenic hellbent on seeing everything in a negative light, you are full on brainwashed and need to wake the hell up. It’s solely because you were programmed and re-programmed to think that way, by the very ones you’re trusting for your “information” and heavily biased viewpoints.


Dystopia Rules – Or the Rules of Dystopia

The hate rhetoric regarding the coming Oregon Waco-like standoff is absolutely alarming, and another symptom of this spreading sickness spawned by these same social engineers. The deliberate mass migration is another, deliberately engineering and pitting apparently real opposing sides against each other and forcing a misinformed, unenlightened emotional decision on those affronted by these events, carefully curried by the social engineers and the hidden hand behind them who initiated these conditions and programs.

Don’t believe me? Read my articlesThe Anger Trap and The Carefully Calculated Mass Migration Agenda to get a taste of how these psychopathic would be controllers work. They’re age old tactics, now working rather efficiently on a deliberately dumbed down, full on medicated and poisoned brainwashed population.

If we don’t wake up to the true nature of these conditions we’re living under we’ll never be able to survive this rising tide of absolute insanity, never mind react in a responsible way to help expose and bring down this control system.

Outright Hypocrites

Their entire modus operandi is replete with mass media pushed conspiracy “theories”, i.e. outright fabricated, entangled lies portraying false enemies, false paradigms and controlled opposition. If you don’t know what that’s all about see Controlled Opposition – The Hidden Hand of Misdirection.

Everything you see in this staged world is fake, with just enough measure of some presupposed reality that has already been taken for granted, whether true or false. And where is the problem? It’s been bought by the numbed masses, hook, line and sinker.

Just look at wars. They’ve almost all been staged. How? By creating enemies via circulated, unsubstantiated “conspiracy theories” that the big, bad bogey man is out there and coming for you and needs to squashed. That, or they create some form of fake enemy they use to justify this insane train of logic. Think the CIA trained Osama bin Laden for starters and it might start to sink in. The list would go down both your arms of deliberately created enemies in countless arenas, which is none other than your classic false flag maneuver in another form. Again, a conspiracy theory splayed for all to buy into.


That’s their tactic. Plain and simple. And what luck! All this just happens to make tons of money for the banksters and their corporate and military thugs. Oh, but that must just be a coincidence as they re-carve the world’s geopolitical, resource rich landscape to their own psychopathic liking in the wake of these decimating rituals of genocidal sacrifice.

But who’s looking? Therein lies the true tragedy.

“Nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years has been a result of media lies. The media could’ve stopped it, if they had searched deep enough; if they hadn’t reprinted government propaganda.” ~ Julian Assange

Democracy, or Hypocrisy – Amazing Disgrace

Here’s the definition of hypocrisy: “the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Does that ring a bell at least about your government and the fake lying puppets you see in the news everyday? Now apply that to any and every mainstream social proclamation, trend or current narrative you’ve been told to believe. The so-called educational system is nothing but just such a web of ensnaring lies and propaganda.

Any and every government, politician, war machine, corporation, money manager and the lot do nothing BUT conspire. That’s the whole basis of so called capitalism and getting ahead. How would even a sports team not operate on conspiring to defeat their opponents? And on down the line. And don’t try to tell me their intentions are for good and are therefore justified or you’d have to apply that both ways. Besides, just look at the world today and tell me who created this deliberate mess and who’s benefiting from it?

I mean, let’s get real here.

So Let’s Talk Conspiracy

So what’s with all the “classified” and “national security” documents, covert operations, secret societies and all the sequestered religious archives and occult ceremonies? How about their paedophelia, satanic ritual abuse, organ and fetus harvesting we’re not allowed to fully know about, never mind their obvious and outright eugenics and depopulation agenda? Those aren’t blatant conspiracies?

We truth seekers put everything out in the open. We don’t form secret societies or hide anything or have forbidden documents and live in armed guarded secrecy with a mega trillion dollar media propaganda machine to cover our tracks. Any yet they fear us and feel they have to stamp us out.

Getting the picture? A complete reversal of truth that has to be enforced. Why? Because it’s all a lie that is completely non-self sustaining – the exact opposite of the truth.

That humanity at large has not, cannot, and will not see these obvious connivings is again beyond me. Historical fact is rife with evidence yet this “popular” culture today will only take the historical narrative in terms of what they’re being told by today’s programmers.

Sadly this dumbed down whirled is absolutely ripe for such mind manipulation, which we’re seeing in our shifting historical narrative, political chicanery, and on into such blatant societal control mechanisms as not just engineered false flags of every sort, but Agenda 21 and 2030, the climate scam, Common Core and a plethora of other trends and programs infiltrating the mainstream mind.

Turn It Back on Them

It’s time to turn this around and call them out, clearly and with lucid articulation. We can readily list event after event that they created to confirm their “conspiracy theories” from Pearl Harbor to the Vietnam war on to 9/11, 7/7 and this spree of poorly executed false flag shooting and bombings, backing them up by surfacing documents such as the Gladio revelations and the like.

The whole economic system is built on false propaganda, literal conspiracy theories regarding what is behind market trends and the state of the economy. All made up with scattered numbers and charts to supposedly substantiate their wild claims, all while every bit of it is controlled and manipulated from behind the scenes.

It’s time we fully woke up and made this very plain to all who will listen. Let’s turn it on their heads and stand our ground as we call them out for this blatant bullshit. Take another look at myManifesto of the Awakened to get a further sense of how we need to be and act in full authority in this cesspool society they’ve engineered.

Lies cannot stand up to truth. Let’s get the full on truth out there!

Much love, Zen

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