What do you want for Christmas? What do you want to make happen in your life?


C. James Jensen, author of Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind, says that two of the most important things you can do to make good things happen in your life are first, to write things down and second, to talk to yourself about these things several times a day.


“Research shows that there are certain conscious thoughts and actions you can take to make that happen,” Jensen says. His book focuses on explaining exactly what people can do to get the subconscious mind working in the best way possible.


Writing Things Down

Writing things down turns ideas into something tangible. It allows the mind to focus and visualize. You can write down a series of challenges or problems, create a wish list of where you want to be in five years, or identify your perfect job, your perfect spouse, how much you want to make, or you want to live. Describe your intended desire to yourself and create a clearly defined mental picture of how that result would appear, along with the positive emotions associated with that end result.

Writing things down helps you visualize and clarify what you want. You repeat this process multiple times. Each time you re-write the ideas, you clarify the description and better define the vision. You tell your mind to start paying attention.


Talk to Yourself

Talking to yourself is one of the most important things you can do to succeed in work, play, sports, love and in everything we do in our lives.

First, what we say to others is not nearly as important as what we say to ourselves.

Second, what others say to us is not as important to what we say to ourselves.

Talking to yourself is more important than any type of talk there is.

People may be surprised at how much self talk they do every day and how incredibly powerful it is in our lives. On average we talk to ourselves at a rate of 150 to 300 words per minute.

Self talk is the inner dialog that you have with yourself while you are thinking and doing all the other things that you occupy yourself with during the day. When you are reading, or working at your computer, your mind often will file away ideas that strike your fancy to share with others or place on your to do list.

People normally experience the power of self talk in many ways. When you discover something valuable, like a recipe, you tell yourself, “shop on the way home and make this for dinner”. When you prepare a presentation for your boss and need to tell your wife about your new promotion, you tell yourself what to say, how to say it, and when to bring out the best points.


Visualizing and Affirming Produce Results

The key is to realize that these little habits create connections in the brain that can be used to dramatically improve one’s success at what ever one decides to attempt.

Most people are unaware that our self talk becomes the marching orders to our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, whose duty is to carry out the “orders” from the “Boss” or the conscious area of our mind, positive or negative. The power of the subconscious is significant, especially when one learns how to channel and harness the power of one’s own mind. This is because the subconscious never sleeps and it takes no vacations. It is literally on and working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

What we say to ourselves and to others becomes an expression that colors and influences how we behave and what we do. This can have negative or positive effects depending on how you choose to use it.

The importance of visualizing and self talk can literally become the engine of self-fulfillment in all sorts of ways. The self-fulfilling prophecy can be created in the negative if you find yourself saying things like:

“I can never remember names.”

“I hate my job.”

“My marriage is falling apart.”

“I’ll never have enough money.”

Visualizing and self talk can, on the other hand, be used to drive positive change, personal improvement and to maximize the probability of making good things happen if you train yourself to say things in the positive:

“I am an excellent cook for my wife.”

“I am a dedicated loving husband.”

“My boss and co-workers appreciate me.”

“I can make more money and save for my retirement.”

“I am an excellent golfer!”

Self talk can determine your level of performance in every area of your life. We don’t get what we want, we get what we expect. You get to see and feel the power once you recognize what happens when what we want and what we expect are the same.

It’s just like giving a powerful computer a problem to work on and going away until the computer calls you up and says, “Problem solved”.

We did not come into the world with a belief, an attitude, or and opinion about anything. We were a completely empty vessel. We were not born with a set of beliefs of how the world should be. However, as a result of the education, upbringing and experiences from childhood through adulthood, we have developed some concepts about who we are, areas where we could excel in and areas where we simply came up short. These self-concepts are reinforced by how well we know how to use self talk.

It does not matter that you didn’t learn how to use self talk until now. Self talk can be learned and applied quickly to dramatically make improvements in the level of performance or effectiveness in any area of your life.

Go ahead. Identify the things you want to focus your mind on. Give your subconscious mind new instructions.

Write down five to ten things that you want to say to yourself. Repeat these to yourself out loud three times a day. When you wake up, after lunch, and before you go to bed.

Repeat your self talk instructions day after day so that you train and program your subconscious to power up and to get to work and stay focused on solving the problems you give it.

The subconscious is totally non-judgmental. It does not argue what is right or wrong or what may be best for us. It simply works to effect what it is being told to do by our conscious mind. However, even while you sleep or focusing on other things during the day, it is quietly working assessing everything you see, hear, learn and remember.

Watch what happens. Experience this yourself.

Give this time and your subconscious mind will bring new insights up to your conscious mind as soon as the connections are made that facilitate a breakthrough solution and allow you to take the best action.


James C. Jensen is the author of Beyond The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

Jim Jensen believes that when you unleash the power of your subconscious mind, that unbelievable breakthroughs can result. His builds on the work of Dr. Joseph Murphy, and offers compelling evidence about the relationship between our conscious and subconscious mind. He offers a new set of tools that can help anyone solve the biggest problems in their life.

For more information visit www.beyondthepower.com



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