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This is, we believe, a concise neutral overview of Germany, its people and finances as we move into the next phase of “The European Crisis” with Berlin based holistic Economist Randolph Buss. Some of the topics discussed in today’s show are:

-Germany is one of the few countries in the world that actually has “money” in their accounts.

-Why many Southern EU countries fear Germany’s control and conditions on loans

-German’s make things people want, real things that last

-Buss’s opinion and Andy Gause’s Euro Bond forecasts

-Big German Supreme Court Decision on what Germany can do with loans, bonds and credit. Is their Supreme Court a political animal as in the U.S. or is it truly a neutral judicial body?

-The Greeks are the all time tax evaders in the EU according to Buss and others and that worries the Germans, who pay up big time taxes.

-We asked, “How German’s feel about GMO’s ?”

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Mr. Buss holds a degree in Engineering and has worked both in executive positions and as an international project manager throughout the world. He has lived and worked in more than 10 countries and regularly travels both for business and pleasure. In total, he has been to more than 28 countries.

Mr. Buss’ interest in the financial markets has been long standing and his approach is holistic; taking not only fundamental and technical approaches into consideration but also he is largely influenced by historical aspects and insights gained through world travels and historical readings. His main investment interests are in hard assets and likewise his newsletter touches upon all areas of international investing in commodities, currencies and the broad markets ; his outlook is tempered by a non-biased, dispassionate analytical approach often, but not necessarily, contrarian viewpoint from the mainstream but with a solid grounding in economics, charting and passion for incorporating real-life anecdotal experience into the overall investment picture


randolph buss on Germany and the eu, august 13, 20112

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  1. September 5, 2012 @ 2:48 pm David

    Interesting you mentioned Mario Draghi. I am pretty certain that he is ex-Goldman Sachs, he is also Jesuit trained. And his name actually means Warrior Dragon.


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