Byron Richards
Thursday, Oct 30, 2008

The National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) SELECT study (Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention ­Trial) for prostate cancer in men was halted this week after initial data analysis showed that selenium and vitamin E, taken alone or together for an average of five years, did not prevent prostate cancer. Since the goal of SELECT was to prove a 25% risk reduction, and since early data suggested such a result was unlikely, the trial was stopped. Furthermore, the researchers felt that there were non-statistically significant possible risks: “there were slightly more cases of prostate cancer in men taking only vitamin E and slightly more cases of diabetes in men taking only selenium. Neither of these findings proves an increased risk from the supplements and may be due to chance.”

I have a question for the nutritionally-challenged people at NCI; why did you design a study that couldn’t possibly succeed and then waste taxpayer money on it? Was it simply to discredit vitamins so that your highly toxic human experiments with dangerous biotech drugs (which cost taxpayers a fortune) would be the only choice?

Already, numerous Big Pharma-funded mainstream news organizations are running anti-vitamin E and selenium headlines, warning physicians to tell their prostate patients not to take vitamin E and selenium.

Useless Vitamin E Used in Study The SELECT trial used non-natural and chemically-derived vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopherol acetate) at a dose of 400 IU per day. Any time you see an “l” after the “d” in a vitamin E product throw it in the trash where it belongs. This vitamin E molecule is synthesized from coal tar and typically made by German pharmaceutical companies like Bayer and BASF. It has little or no antioxidant activity and is useless for human health – which was obvious long before the SELECT trial was started.

This is very similar to an earlier attack on beta-carotene, implying that beta carotene caused an increase in lung cancer in smokers who took it. Once again the “study” used a chemically-derived synthetic beta carotene made from acetylene gas produced by BASF, masquerading as a dietary supplement.

Natural Vitamin E is a Powerful Cancer Prevention Tool

Vitamin E is a required nutrient for immune system function. If you lack it, especially as you age, it is not technically possible that your immune system will work at optimal capacity. Thousands of studies confirm this statement, as well as fully documented molecular pathways relating to vitamin E and immune system function. Many Americans over the age of 50 are lacking vitamin E because it is destroyed in food processing and many people don’t eat enough of the fattier vitamin E containing foods – making vitamin E supplementation a necessity for immunologic health.

Unlike drugs that kill cancer cells with “overwhelming toxic force,” that is if they can be killed at all before killing the person with the treatment, the majority of anti-cancer nutrients such as green tea and vitamin E have a level of intelligence in human physiology. They are smart enough to know the difference between a healthy cell that should stay alive and a diseased cell that should die. This means the very same nutrient will help keep a healthy cell alive by protecting it while helping to kill cancer cells. This is truly a marvel of Mother Nature at work. No drug is even on the same playing field as nutrients provided by nature.

This does not mean that nutrients alone are a treatment for cancer. It does mean they are a powerful player in the natural immune toolbox, nothing to be discredited by bogus or incompetent “science.”

There are eight natural forms of vitamin E, 4 tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta) and 4 tocotrienols (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta). While d alpha tocopherol is the most common form of vitamin E in dietary supplements, it is actually gamma tocotrienol that is one of the most powerful anti-cancer nutrients known to Mankind. Why didn’t NCI test natural gamma tocotrienol in their study instead a synthetic and useless form of vitamin E?

There are at least three known mechanisms by which gamma tocotrienol, unlike plain vitamin E, knocks out cancer cells. The first is by directly inducing death signals in cancer cells, which has been demonstrated in prostate and breast cancer cells. It also activates the well-known tumor suppression gene, p53, which in turn governs the cell cycle to prevent cancer. And it even shuts off the flow of blood to tumors to help starve them of nutrition. It does all this while simultaneously keeping healthy cells alive and assisting in the flow of blood to healthy cells! This is not a miracle; it is simply Mother Nature at work to aid survival.

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