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Patrick and Sharon talk with listeners, and each other, pondering emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!

Open Phones 7

Sending out a big ‘THANK YOU’ to Michael. He saved the day again by providing us the recorded show. Patrick forgot to hit the ‘record’ button. Oooops!!

Show Highlights:

-Tie-dyed T-shirt winner from last week is Jewel in New York City.

-Doodle was sprayed by a skunk last night. How to combat skunk juice and chiggers?

-Stunning leave vote for Brexit; the boys took an unexpected punch. How could Andy Gause be wrong?

-Denise from Dallas observed that Iceland kicked the bankers out after letting the banks fall; now they’re prosperous. Is Brexit part of a world wide movement to kick out the boys? The boys are on the run.

-Denise reports her darkfield blood work shows a dramatic turnaround. Is it from using Cass Ingram’s oreganol?

-JB reports that the boys have signed 219,000 contracts, betting that silver will go down. Does Brexit signify the beginning of the end of the Euro currency?

-Brexit will free UK from the draconian EU Food Supplements Directive.

-Caller Jewel, 23 years old, feels sad and disappointed about her life. Patrick suggests a dream board and writing letters. Sharon shares her perspective on aging – feels Jewel is a kindred spirit.

-Davy concerned about his low testosterone, despite a cholesterol of 200 and good fats in his diet. Patrick’s recommendations: pine pollen, elk velvet antler, colostrum, Synergy One, deer exercise, maca.

-Why did Sharon “wake up” at age 36? What made Patrick “wake up” at age 32? First learning step: Paavo Airola’s “Are You Confused?” Cleansing the soul by writing letters.

-Caller Steven in Tampa, FL shares his experiences using Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. Used at night, had crazy, wild dreams. Interest in Ken Rohla devices, which are 10% off until end of June. [email protected].

-In Austin, health agencies and police stopped herd share raw milk members from picking up their milk from a courier, gave them tickets.

-Patrick is enjoying the health benefits of eating his sprouts.

-Jim from Austin, TX asks about jeweler’s rouge red diamond dust for stopping EMFs from smartmeter, as suggested by Patrick Flanagan. Can it be mixed with paint? Checking with a RF meter.

-New York Fed printing dollars and sending to banks to rescue them from Brexit repurcussions.

-UK Paul calls with perspective on UK vote aftermath.

-Sean in Seattle asks about impact of Rest Shield on EMFs. Curious about Sickle Cell Disease.

-Emailer said the cat brought in a baby bunny. Bunny revived with Rescue Remedy.

-Emailer reports that John Baron says stinging nettle inhibits conversion of testosterone to DHT, keeps testosterone levels high.

-Emailer recommends Jewel read Goddesses Never Age by Christine Northrup.

-Emailer says Shilajit powder is high in humic acid, which Stephanie Seneff says is good for neutralizing glyphosate.

-Caller Dee in California loved Stephanie Seneff’s show. Reminded us that glycine is one of 3 amino acids that make up glutathione. Is benefitting from added methyl supplements.

-Caller Lance in Escondido, CA feels benefit following Stephanie Seneff’s report of cows recovering from glyphosate with humic and fulvic acids and sauerkraut juice.

-What is Occam’s Razor?

-Jim in Austin won this week’s tie-dyed ORN T-shirt.

-What was Patrick’s aha moment with Dr. Stephanie Seneff?

-Why doesn’t Sharon want to do a dream board?

and more!!


open phone friday with patrick and sharon, june 25, 2016, hour one

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