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Open Phones 7

Show Highlights:

-Roger wins a tie-dyed ORN T-shirt. Please email your size and address.

-Links for the shilajit that Dr. Jennifer Daniels recommended are now on her 9/27/16 show page. Two sources, Pürblack Live Resin from Amazon and Altai Gold (from the Russian Federation) from eBay. shows how many cell phone towers and antennas are near your address. Problematic towers are those within 1500 ft.

-Specifics on how to use urine therapy. See the Barbara Wren ORN show.

-Nadine Artemis article on skin type hype at

-Deutsch Bank is running out of money. People are pulling out.

-Fear – face everything and rise.

-Is there a source for grass fed organic bone broth?

-We’re born with a leaky gut. Nature’s “vaccination program” is mama’s colostrum, which seals up the leaky gut. People that have been vaccinated have a leaky gut because vaccinations never seal the gut up. Supplemental colostrum is good for anyone with a leaky gut.

-Julie’s success treating shingles using the Queen of Hungary formula, a blood purifier, as recommended by Tony Pantalleresco. Good for eczema too.

-Per Atom, blue light activates the herpes virus, red light relieves the inflammation. Blue light also messes with melatonin, releases inflammatory nitric acid. CFLs have blue light in them. Carbs + blue light = cataracts. Use f.lux to automatically cut out blue light from computer screens at sunset.

TwoDragonsWellness is Janet Perry’s facebook group. She’s knowledgable about health issues of dogs, cats, and people.

-Austin resident reports being able to vote 5 times in 2012 because no one was checking voters. John Van Buren, the president’s son, was credited with the phrase “vote early and vote often”.

-See paida lajin videos at YouTube for how to do the stretching and slapping technique. Patrick does it every day to great benefit. Beware of Google’s fearmongering.

-Patrick’s stock picks for shorting the Dow: AG, DOG, GDX, GDXJ, TRX. What does Trader Scott have to say? Check out his blog

-Mystery pains in the legs. Could it be from dental issues?

-Castor oil sources? Try

and more!!

open phone friday with patrick timpone, september 30, 2016, hour one

'Open Phone Friday – Facing Everything You Fear and Rising Above It – September 30, 2016' has 1 comment

  1. October 3, 2016 @ 7:08 pm John

    Great show as usual. Wish Sharon could have made it. Anyway – Patrick regarding I think you said that “antennas” were things like Police etc. communication antennas and not for cell phone – actually according to the website these antennas are for Cellphone communications but they are missing the tower part, (i.e., they can be attached to a building instead of a tower). Here is the definition from website:
    “Antennas: The actual emitters of radio signals. Antennas can be placed on towers (multiple) or can be installed stand alone on top of existing buildings. Stand alone antennas are small (well below 200 ft). You may also check multiple antennas to determine which cell phone carriers are located on a particular tower. “


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