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Show highlights:

-What are the differences in the protocols of Dr. Curatola and Dr. Ellie Phillips?  Opposing views on Closys, xylitol, fluoride, glycerine, OralDNA test, and flossing.

-Bonita asks how can the USA ask other countries to respect borders when the USA doesn’t respect others’ borders?  How can they ask North Korea to not have nuclear weapons?

-If you could wave a magic wand, what would you do for a living?

-Pamela and Patrick talk about Dr. Ellie’s protocol, Crest, making pizza, the logical fallacy of appealing to tradition, Patrick’s motto for healthy living.

-Does the mind know anything?  It’s like a database that doesn’t know anything except what’s put into it, and then it spits it out.

Hour 2

-All the turmoil going on is just people being programmed.

-We have free will every moment and can put our attention wherever we want.  Being aware of your inner life to see how it all works.

-At 6:15 pm solar time, Atom eats onion, cheese, and garlic.  Besides protecting teeth enamel, the casein in the cheese supercharges the potato protein he eats at 7:15 pm.  Don’t forget the butter.

 -Why do we get diseases?  Which is first, improvements from changes at the physical level or changes in the physical level because of changes at the spiritual level?


-Kristin is having trouble with the idea of using sodium fluoride in Dr. Ellie’s protocol, but she can’t argue with success.  Suggests taking iodine to decalcify the pineal gland.

-Listeners say using Dr. Ellie’s protocol makes their teeth feel more slippery.

-Carl talks about the ingredients in Listerine.  Carl disagrees about corn-based xylitol being suitable.  [Dr. Ellie specified non-GMO corn xylitol as being okay.]  He found a Swanson brand of well-priced birch-based non-GMO xylitol.

-Ivan asks about changes Patrick feels from taking Stock fresh frozen aloe.  No specific effects, but energetically he feels good taking it, and it tastes good.  Same with nebulizing Gary Hanna’s colloidal gold and silver.

-Dr. Ellie sent in this abstract from Nutr Cancer. 2017 Jul 18:1-11. PMID:28718681 DOI:10.1080/01635581.2017.1339097    Partial substitution of glucose with xylitol suppressed the glycolysis and selectively inhibited the proliferation of oral cancer cells.  These findings suggested a selective anticancer activity of xylitol and the potential mechanism involving inhibition of glucose utilization.  Partial substitution of glucose with xylitol may be a proper nutrient for oral cancer survivors, deserving further investigation in animal and clinical settings.

-Has Patrick tried Dr. Daniels’ liver cleanse?  1/4 c. castor oil, 3/4 tsp turpentine, take first thing in the morning, chase with  with warm water, and be prepared to poop 3-12 times throughout the day.

-John suggests putting ORN shows on YouTube for better exposure.   What are the best ways to share ideas among the audience?  Remember that anyone can comment on the show pages.

-Nancy is doing Dr. Ellie’s protocol.  She likes that her breath doesn’t smell.

-Atom says fluorine decalcifies the pineal gland.  If it really calcified the pineal gland, it would calcify the bones, which is ridiculous.  It fluoridates the pineal gland, it doesn’t calcify it.  An article in Chemical Engineering & News claimed that bone cancer is directly proportional to the amount of fluorine ingested.  Fortunately for adults, 90% of all pineal tumors occur at the age of 10.

-Atom’s gone back to eating baked potatoes.  Vibrant Gal is still eating Potato Protein Soup.

-Robert talks about Hurricane Harvey and the damage that resulted.  He’s looking forward to health improvements after getting the mold cleaned out of his air ducts.  Dangers of mold in sheetrock.  Ozone units not suitable for breathing.  Patrick runs through Dr. Ellie’s protocol.  Use Closys for 1 minute, brush gums with Crest Anti-cavity for 2 minutes, especially above the teeth,  don’t spit out or rinse, swig original or blue Listerine for 15 seconds, ACT rinse for 1 minute.  Use xylitol gum or mints after eating or drinking.

Hour 3

-More discussion of Dr. Curatola vs. Dr. Ellie’s protocol.  A listener lost faith in Dr. Curatola after she saw a video of him showing his 3-step tooth whitening procedure.

-Atom says there are dozens of patents for xylitol hydrogenation with nickel and aluminum.  Brushing one’s teeth with xylitol is not swallowing xylitol as with chewing gum.  Big difference between the two.

– Sandy is dubious about the ingredients in the products Dr. Ellie recommends, but she’ll try it.  Says using a Water Pik with hydrogen peroxide helped her spirochetes.  The key is building, not killing.

-What does Dr. Nunnally say about glycerine?

-Kira appreciates Dr. Ellie’s work and is dedicated to the way her teeth feel and look using her protocol after having to have prior gum grafts.  Disagrees with Dr. Curatola and thinks the bad actors in the mouth are a big deal.

-Patrick McGean says sulfur twice a day allows all our cells to regenerate.

-Xylitol with aluminum in it is no big deal.  We get 100 times more aluminum in tea.  Finland has worst rates for dementia, US second worse, then Canada, UK much lower.  3rd world countries have real low rates of dementia.

Atom says according to WebMD, lab tests show Listerine Cool Mint and Total Care, both with 21.6% alcohol, significantly reduced rates of gonorrhea bacteria.

Open Phones with you and Patrick, September 15. 2017 Hour One

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    To Patrick:
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