When anything goes…

…and usually does!

Doing coffee enemas at spot on solar time makes it more fun and productive

Andrew Gause continues to work on their screenplay today

Patrick vamps on his experiences with Barbara Frank’s Parasite Protocol, after two weeks

It truly appears the rough spots, crinkles, “stuff” on our face are in fact, tiny parasites

How to use Living Streams Probiotics in the ears

Remember Dr. Larry Lytle, creator of the Q Laser tool?  He has nine more years to sit in jail without parole for selling these devices

Amy, who lives in San Diego calls and chats it up with Patrick.  She knew his Ayurveda doctor years ago in California

Patrick gives some of the bullet points regarding:  “Why we age…” and listeners participate

Near infrared lights and LED lights can increase testosterone levels

from Atom: 

Sexual pheromones are sent and received by the nose at far-infrared heat frequencies.

And how to dextrinize a potato in a crock pot

Some emails:

Speaking of Andrew…When you play a clip of him talking, I’m reminded of how much I miss him. Bless you Patrick!

About Barbara Frank:  I just ordered her products and had consultation with her. Hopeful for healing with cancer and wellness. I very much enjoyed your interview with her!

Sleeping on back is said to be the healthiest and we mused about direction of the head

Atom contributes:   Wu Dang Chen (Master Chen) is an expert in therapeutic sleep positions. He teaches which positions match specific acupuncture meridians, and which positions are best for couples.

According to Steve Shiver (he may or may not have learned it from Adano Ley) …

If you live to the east or west of where you were born, sleep with your head to the north. If you live to the north or south of where you were born, sleep with your head to the east.  If you’re going to fight someone to the east or west of where you were born, align your opponent so he’s to the west. If you’re going to fight someone to the north or south of where you were born, align your opponent so he’s to the s

I’ve been taking Flora, Multi by mouth and Bifido in my ear and Derma Gold on my face for 3 weeks..

Stomach pains I’ve had for a year are gone..and my wrinkles are diminishing.! Thank you Patrick for sharing Wayne Blakely!

Oh…and Its so cool you followed through with my suggestion to use crock pot for dextrinizing potato!!! I only speculated..but YOU actually tried and found it worked.c

Do you know what happened to Dr Garry Gordon? He closed his website and quit posting on Facebook about a year and a half ago.

What is aging?
if aging is wrinkles, it’s just a reminder of where you’ve been and what you’ve done in your life.

We don’t breath deep enough, or slow enough.  We celebrate birth days only once a year.  Each breath is our birthday!

MIND is the cause of AGING.

SOUL is the source of IMMORTALITY.


Stepped down to those trapped in The Matrix, Dr. Aubrey De Grey’s “Seven Deadly Sins of Aging” apply …

1) Mutations — in chromosomes

2) Mutations — in mitochondria

3) Junk — inside of cells

4) Junk — outside of cells

5) Cells — too few (cellular loss)

6) Cells — too many (cellular senescence)

7) Browning to Death — AGE cross-link

Open Phone and Email Friday with You, Doodle and Patrick, August 23, 2019 ONE

Open Phone and Email Friday with You, Doodle and Patrick, August 23, 2019 TWO

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