Hi Patrick,
I’ve listened to a few podcasts about the Marshall Protocol and I know you were on it, (are you still?).
I just can’t get it to sit right with me.
I have been so messed up by the medical industry that I have an automatic distrust response, especially about pharmaceuticals.
I was diagnosed with auto immune thyroid disease, Epstein Barr, and Chronic fatigue.
I have been through years of experimenting and I am feeling better.
Recently I started playing around with Iodine and have been able to lower my Armour thyroid from 4 and a 1/4 grains to 3 and a 3/4.
I’ve done massive doses of mms, msm, garlic, bentonite clay – well, lots of stuff.
My question is this,
If mms and iodine both kill infection and bacteria, why would a pharmaceutical antibiotic, albeit low dose, be preferable to the natural antibiotics?
I’m not suggesting that the Marshall Protocol doesn’t work, but that a natural route could accomplish the same thing.

Please explain YOUR position on this.

Thanks for all you do.
You are truly a life saver.


Dear Cheryl,

Well, you are asking some great questions and curious I’ve made some changes here that may be of interest.

Your basic question of why not just go natural rather than using pharms is a good one.  It is really up to you of course, and whatever works is my choice.  More and more I believe that we are all full of a variety of "bugs" all the time and when the immune system is working properly all is well.  Things are kept in balance.

I truly don’t know if things such as MMS, garlic etc. do the actual croaking of the bugs or if the immune system does the deed.  I will always prefer the latter, for the body is more intelligent than we are trying to manipulate the game.

I truly believe the Marshall Protocol work that says some of the bugs clog up the Vitamin D receptors and dampens the immune system is accurate. The MP folks claim Benicar cleans up these receptors and will ramp up immune function.  I believe it is accurate with my experimentation of Benicar.

I recently had a cool hair test done through Dr. Nick Gonzalez, who has been with us several times.  And among other things the results said I was low on Vitamin D.  I get out in the sun a bunch, so for me I think the receptors are cranky.  Thus, a few days ago I went back on Benicar, four times a day and I am going to roll with this program, just Benicar alone, and see what I see.

Benicar feels clean energetically for me, so no qualms taking it here.  But, others will surly differ from that.  I tried the Menocycline for a week a while back and immediately knew I didn’t want to take an antibiotic like this, even low dose.

It is all trial and success and what ones goals are.  

The more we let go of right or wrong, good and evil when thinking about our health, the better it goes.  Of course the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects with immune functioning is the whole deal really.  One can just work on these areas along and forget taking much of anything.  But, we humans like to play with things and take stuff as support for the moment.  So, its all good.

Not sure if this helps, but perhaps if will give you and others some things to contemplate on your road to excellent health.

May The Blessings Be,


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