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Gerald O’Donnell

Remote Viewer and Cosmic Voyager

The Creation of Consciousness Is the Creation of Self Awareness

Mr. Gerald O’Donnell holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics, a M.Sc. in computer Science, and an MBA. He is a certified Hypnotherapist. He was, amongst other activities in various fields, once considered one of the world’s 7 best top technical commodities experts (independent advisor: C.T.A.) by Paine Webber and Bache Co..
He was approached in the 1980′s by a Western European intelligence agency in order to join an ongoing program of mental Remote Viewing (sensing) of targeted locations.
Advanced remote sensing (remote intuition) techniques were taught to field operatives, anti-terrorist units and other intelligence and/or commando squads.
This operation had been set up to counter the activities of very well funded departments of the Soviet K.G.B. and military intelligence G.R.U. that were very advanced in their research and fully operational.

Show Highlights:

-The creation of consciousness is the creation of self awareness; the creator is experimenting through us

-The creator is one gigantic mind that doesn’t operate linearly

-What’s going on with the advent of technology?

-Are EMFs affecting our consciousness?

-Being an active participant in our dreams

-We are the chessboard and we have control over the game

-Technology can be a beautiful thing; choosing to use the internet productively and not allowing it to become a prison

-Why are people attracted to things they are afraid of?

-Learning to break patterns; every day is a new day

-What is difference between remote viewing and meditation, and how are these related?

-Hypnosis can only have power over you if you let it

and more!!

gerald o'donnell

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gerald o’donnell on becoming more aware of what is, december 3, 2015

'Gerald O’Donnell – Our State of Consciousness Is Our Creation and Is All That Matters – December 3, 2015' have 3 comments

  1. December 8, 2015 @ 9:33 am cab

    Why would anybody want to listen to a spook? If these guys were as smart as they think they were, they wouldn’t be doing what they do or working for who they work for. Might as well invite somebody on from the Church of Satan. It’s not like this guy is on here as a whistleblower, you know?


    • December 15, 2015 @ 11:14 am Doc

      well well, cab person..I assume you listened to the whole interview, you obviously have not been following this subject matter very long, by your derogatory comment, and you failed to post anything to the contrary , where is your wisdom? its your choice of limiting yourself , your understanding and your life experience.. peace..


  2. December 16, 2015 @ 10:46 pm Stick

    As a student of Gerald’s, I can attest to the power of his message! Even if you don’t become one of his students,
    I would highly recommend anyone to visit his website, as Gerald’s messages and channeling’s are extremely powerful!
    For those interested in Remote Viewing/influencing, learning the ability to conscientiously reach the state of “Delta”
    and beyond, allows one to achieve unlimited levels of internal awareness. WE are all the ONE.
    Many Blessing’s Gerald!!!


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