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Sharon Critchfield

Author of Waking Up to Heal

Is it possible for a traumatic life event to make someone stronger and more compassionate? It is, and author Sharon Critchfield’s new book, “Waking Up to Heal,” helps readers find the blessings hidden beneath the pain.

Whether it’s an addiction, depression, abuse or a death, Critchfield combines her personal experiences and professional training to help readers work through pain in a practical and life-altering way.

She specifically focuses on harnessing the power of energy to heal oneself. “Since everything is energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed, by moving energy around we can help to heal ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually,” Critchfield said. “Learning to craft our own realities is the first step in creating the life we each desire.”

Critchfield suffered countless traumas in her life, including childhood abuse, the death of her child and the murder of her best friend. Following a severe injury that left her bed-ridden for several months, Critchfield found hope and healing through her study of Reiki. She is now a Reiki Master and offers distance Reiki services with the goal of helping others recover and heal from their own personal traumas.

“There is a massive awakening of people today. They are searching for answers to questions about spirituality, their life paths and even the future of the planet,” Critchfield said. “We must realize that each one of us has a direct effect on the global consciousness every day of our lives with our thoughts, words and actions. We can take an active role in the end result and teach our future generations to do the same.”

Sharon Critchfield

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Show Highlights:

-Epidemic of childhood abuse by a family member
-Healing from abuse is delayed
-Forgiveness and healing necessary
-Physical illnesses will show up later, especially digestive – can’t stomach things
-Forgiveness of self harder than forgiveness of others – the blame game
-Asking for help at a spiritual level
-Using the divine spirit within. Healing with Reiki. Energy will go where your body needs it.
-Spirituality vs. church doctrine
-Bad things happening to good people; there are blessings in pain
-Karmic lessons, breaking free and creating reality with our thoughts.
-Practice of awareness. Need to be positive. Clear, cancel, delete.
-Picking up energy from others, positive and negative;Stop giving power away to other people.
-Forgiveness is one of main reasons we’re here on earth. Letting go – like removing layers of an onion; forgiving on a daily basis.
-Discomfort makes us so uncomfortable that we have to change.
-Other people may present difficult circumstances to help us learn a lesson. Sacrifice of love.
-God is part of us, not separate. Everyone is divine and a child of God.
-Everything we think and say affects global consciousness. We’re all connected as one.
-We all have the power to forgive and heal.

sharon critchfield, waking up to heal, may 10, 2016

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